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It’s 12 June 2022. After a lot of struggle in april and may with PMO, I have finally decided to start again a new and beautiful life full of creativity.

Day - 1
Rating - 4/10



Day 2
Rating 4/10
I think I am doing good with my life after joining this community.
God is with me.

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What’s this rating for?

Hell yeah :fire::fire::fire:

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Rating is for how good the day was or is
0 is for worst and 10 for the best.

How are you doing my bro? How’s your nofap journey ? What is your motivation?

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I am a coomer :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::smile::smile:. I relapse daily :pensive:. I am a moron bro.

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Why ? Any problem in your life bro? Share with me personally

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Id think so, i think it has become a habit to fap daily twice or thrice :pensive:, idk sometimes i feel like i should stop doing no fap and live like coomer max pro plus turbo, it’s been 3 years since i started this shit and trying to get rid of this habit.

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I just failed.
Came back to Day 1

Exactly same here bro…we should change our perspectives and start again. Let’s start a 3 day challenge.

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Oh oh

Sure let’s go, btw what’s your sharing code?

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What is sharing code?

It’s a code you can use to add someone as your companion. Go to companion tab and click the orange three dot. You can put it in your bio so everyone can add u to their companion list.

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By using sharing code anyone can follow you and you can follow anyone. First click “companion” then click on 3 dots , now you can find your sharing code in the “My sharing code” section and follow anyone by putting his/her sharing code in “Add companion” section.

@No_Fap_999 this may help.

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I was using rewirecompanion in browser.


I also use it in browser , but i use the app because of the counter.

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Ohh…nice. I was using counter in another website forum. I downloaded the app.

es6ax0 = sharing code


20 times a day, hospital is on the way.

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