Chronic masturbater. Need help

Salutations everyone. My name’s Jay. I’ve been having this addiction since I was back in school at around the age of 16. I’m now 22 going 23. My life has been a mess ever since I started masturbating, especially when it had started to become critical.

I started college at the age of 19 and only had recently finished my studies. Whilst most of my friends finished on time, I was forced to stay back for 2 extra years, because i was unable to curb my addictions. I had regularly stayed up late to the morning. I spent at least an hour each time on porno. I felt, and still am feeling down and useless constantly. I’ve been trying to stop since 3 years ago but found no success. It’s come to the point where I’ve even sometimes went for a toilet break just to masturbate. I even remembered doing it while driving on the highway. Last year was the worst because as far as I can remember, it was almost a daily thing. Sometimes more than once a day.

Please. If anyone knows any ways I can slowly recover, I beg you to help me. I feel that masturbation is the only thing that stopped me from being a great person. I want to grow out of this addiction and truly discover what I am really capable of.


Dont worry brother you are at right place.
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Welcome to the forum Jay!

I know where you come from. I, too, was held back during my studies because of PMO. Let me say I’m glad to hear that you at least finished it, even two years late - I actually ran out of motivation to the point where I quit completely to wait till I’m in a better condition. That was 2 1/2 years ago.

It’s great to hear that you are looking for advice, and I think our forum is a good starting point. There are a lot of different approaches on how to cope with the addiction, how to slowly build a healthy lifestyle and get out of the cycle. That’s why I recommend reading some posts in the “General Discussion” sub :slight_smile:

Some general advice from myself: listen to yourself. If you go on this journey, you will not be alone, but it is still your own journey. No matter how much advice and help you can get here, always first and foremost listen to your own body and mind. Everyone’s background is different, everyone’s circumstances are different, and everybody’s goals are different. It’s not only about not masturbating anymore, it’s also about finding out those individual things for yourself. Maybe cold showers help, and you can pick it up after reading about it on here. Maybe they don’t, and after trying out a few things you can make your own addition in this forum on how you dealt with your urges :slight_smile:

Anyway, that’s my two cents on the matter. Wish you all the best!


dont give up brother… were are on the same boat
God bless you :pray:

Hey man r u indian ?

Ha mein bhartiye hoon :sunglasses: @karthikgupta785

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Ok gr8 so from where r u bro ?

I want to keep my identity secret.
Hope you respect that.

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Ohhhh right I’m sorry. Shouldn’t hv asked my bad. Peace resurgent

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:tongue::tongue::lips::lips::heartpulse::heartpulse::peach::peach::banana::banana: Day 5 and still going strong!

Hello Jay,

My name is Jonathan and just like you if not worse, I started doing it since 8th grade, I damm that day so much, now am 25yrs old and I’ve had little success compared to the times I’ve done it its depressing. Like you it seems like I’ve none it every single day, it’s become a daily thing for me, when I don’t do it my body doesn’t feel right, my heart beats certain way and my body feels stiff, it’s very hard to overcome because we forced out body and mind to get used to it, so now trying to change it will be hard, have no worries tho, it’s possible to have a batter control of it.

#1 your main goal should be to change your body and mind habits, anything in life takes 2 weeks of commitment for it to become a habit…
So start slow, try your very best and stay clean 2 days, and if you feel good don’t stop there go for 5, and so in until you reach a point that your body is used to being normal again.

#2 your goal should be to have more Control of the urges meaning you can easily go many days even weeks without feeling many urges, a point reached only after changing your mind and body habits. At this point you can masturbate today, but you can easily go 2 weeks without many urges or struggle like now. I would say after about 30 days clean you should be able to do it and easily go many days without it, nor sure tho the way we have lived this past years it might take longer.

#3 stay active, if you struggle at night with urges, beat your Body working out so hard that at night all you want to do is sleep, get a part time at night, change the things you do, working out is always go to because it’ll boost your confidence from day 1,abd that’s something you will need lots of confidence. Also remember that everything is in your brain, so try and do meditation or brain training to keep calm and clear specially during difficult times such as bad urges.

That’s my 2 cents brother, like I said before me & u are in the same boat, today marks my second day clean, I’ve honestly reached a point where changing this is the only option, am so tired of saying I will stop but not following thru, this time is different, I will put my soul in it. This is my code 0a4624 you can add me in the companions tab see my progress and status changes, share yours also so that we can do the same, you can find support here.