Christian support and accountability needed

Hi guys,
I’m looking for Christian accountability partners and support (as you guessed it I am a Christian) but obvs if you want to follow me or cheer me on support and reprimand me then you are welcome regardless of your belief system I just don’t want to be talked into viewing porn mindfully for example when I don’t think I should be viewing it at all as an example.

Follow me, challenge me:

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Good luck. Keep active and around people. I’m 39 so interesting to get another older person on here.
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Hey bro, you’ve got my support indefinitely!

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I challenge you to join my “daily check-in” obviously it’s your choice, but it’s aims are to not even consider porn, but focus on Commitment, and Restraint, limiting what we think/write/post.

I personally think we have to occupy our minds with other challenges in life, and not get sucked into thinking how best not to Fap or look at porn.

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Best of luck men. Keep praying. Keep reading Bible. Always be positive and grateful. Message me your WA number if you want to share this struggle.
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Thanks man your support is appreciated

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