Christian guy looking for accountability

Hi all!
Christian guy. Wish to live pure. Struggling with SSA, looking to live celibate life. Looking for accountability partners. Starting off with this app today… will see how it goes.

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Current streak - 1 day
Highest streak - 1 day
Age - 33
Gender - M
Location - ZA

Why I want a companion - mostly for accountability sake. It is easier when you do not go about it alone. Hope to find many new friends and hopefully encourage each other.


What do you need from accountability partner?

Well mainily talk about challenges in life, pray for each other, encourage other… keep accountable to spend time with the Lord, not watch porn, not masturbate, not chat with bad motives

I can do that, it’s about being 100% honest and helping each other and I currently do that in as.this program/site has alot of people and sadly alot of relapse.
Another day ahead of us work through and not jerk off and not watch porn and grow.


Hi, I will tell what I’m doing.
I’m 122 days free by Christ.

(Sorry my english)

-I have blocked all my devices with porn blockers: to my cellphone Android I use SpSoft Applock and Kaspersky Safe Kids. To the router, use OpenDNS or Clean Browsing. To PC I use Blok Supreme Pro, a Brazilian software (they will have an english translation soon. Email them). PS: my cellphone all browsers are locked. It just access WhatsApp, email and Rewire Companion.

-I closed all my social networks.

-I pray on knees every morning asking Jesus to chastity and free me from luxury.

-I ask to Jesus free me from Acedia (the spiritual disease that remains below the porn addiction. Search for it.)

-I ask to Jesus free me from this addiction

-I ask Jesus the grace to not look back to my old life of sins and my sins (like Loh’s wife, who look back to Sodoma)

-I ask Jesus the grace to not betray Him on the moments of temptation (like Judas Iscariot)

-I ask Jesus the grace to carry my Cross when it comes.

I am catholic. Then I ask Our Lady intercession too. I also go to Eucharist Sacrament many times per week and Penitence Sacrament 2 times per month or always when I am on risk of relapse.

Act as if all depends on you. Ask as if all depends on Jesus.

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