Choose Me Or Erotic Money Making Ads


Dear Admin. @Taher

Right now… A Girl is flaunting herself continously below my screen. Its a advertisement of Like app.

Why are you allowing erotic Apps like LIKE

Stop their advertisements … Or I WILL DELETE THIS REWIRE APP FROM MY PHONE

Choose me or this money making erotica apps.

I dont came here to fap… i came here to NOFAP



Plz look into this matter. Its against Nofap community.

Plz do care to reply… it is a hot issue.

Dont ignore this… we all are disturbed by these hot girls images.

These ads should be removed. Also, people should consider donating. I donated in the very beginning.


This is what I want to tell Redmi phone company but those Mi idiots do not care.

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We have to decide for our life… no one will force their decisions on us.

We are the masters of our destiny.

And i may weep for one day but i am not yielding in front of Admin.

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Only erotic advertisement should be remove . Zomato etc advertising will not harm anyone .


Buy samsung phones… they are better than Mi :wink:

@Taher why are you playing hide and seek.

Reply me…

I am going to bed now to sleep… in morning i will check if you have replied or not…

I have seen you come online and you run away…

Tomorrow if you didnt reply… i will put this app in dustbin

I think If you donate a small amount this ads will go away. Anyway, this app is very helpful. So consider donating.

Being said that, as resurrection told, it’s against the very principle of this app to show those kind of ads in this app. Admin should look in to it.

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Thanks for wasting my 1 year on this app. @Taher

You have a created a facebook version 2.

I wish i had not found this app.

I have to weep for 2 days now because this app habit is too strong for me.

After thinking for 2 hours i have decided to delete this app.

I will give this time to my life, family & friends.

The counter theme is wrong… what are we counting… that after how many days we will fap…
I am stoping the counting.

The new year has marked the beginning of best of my life. I have noted my last relapse on a note… 30 december 2018.

This decision is good for me and it will help me to find friends in real world.

Good bye.
Enjoy this fake world.

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You have to understand that I do not cherry pick ads, it’s a contract with Google and it’s upto them what they want to show to the user.
I can certainly blacklist the ads, I’ll do so in this case.

You can donate if the ads bother you so much, it costs less than a Mc Donalds meal.

Again, I don’t select the ads. Please look up how Google and admob generates revenue and how their ad network works before making such statements.

You are free to do so.


I wish that was possible for me, but unfortunately I live in Algeria and online payment is not yet avaiable XD (yes I know that is pathetic)


You can paypal me if that works out for you

Plus ads can be personalized, so it’s only your fault @Resurrection

Google gives you ads based on your browsing habits… so if you get these ads you may spend too much time on erotic or dating sites. Also, you can modify your ad preferences in your own google account.

But seriously, this app is so amazing you should have donated anyway. It’s a donation of your choice and its ridiculously cheap… like a starbucks coffee or whatever.

Donating also removes all ads and gives you bonus functions