Chellenges are not working to Quit PMO?

Yes, i think you also faced this situation that i faced 1 year ago…

I also remember that when i created a challenge of 249 days… I was so much indulge in the discussion about same thing, same shit but after three month when i deleted this app and choose a new way of life then i came to know the addiction is just a state of mind.

I learnt to not count days even i don’t see counter when i open the app…I just remember the date when i started my nofap journey with strong decision (1st January 2022)

You will think that i left the app then why i am again here? Well, i am not here to count days or relapse and setting my clock again and again but i am here to understand the issues of other youth who are in same trap like me when i was and i want to help them by sharing my opinion or experience about nofap.

What are your thoughts about this let me know.

In future i will also conduct free webinar on Quit PMO totally by sharing my journey and by sharing the process that will give you strong desire to leave PMO.

Drop a mail on [email protected]
nd will see you on webinar.


I also don’t really look at the counter of days, but I just go here to read what others write, but when I go in and see the figure of 194 days and every subsequent day this figure grows, I feel happier and better because I have overcome such a long way , and there is more motivation and desire to quit PMO

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exactly when i was on counting days… after 7 days i thought when will i reach day 30, or day 60 or day 90 and it became impossible but now i don’t care about days and i am going very well.

Keep it bro @Zelus

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