"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Day 74 Tuesday
Ok good


I completely understand you my friend! sometimes I think that I will never completely recover even if I don’t watch pxxx I have so many lustful toughts everyday from morning till evening… In the Gospel is said that you sin first in your mind… Even now I feel to watch some pxxx and if I don’t watch it images anyway appear in my mind many times, never mind if I meditate, pray do exercises, yes all its helping but I always fall back… And I did more than 90 Days hard mode before but still I went back to pxxx… I’m glad anyway to try to reduce as much as I can… try all my best… but sometimes I really feel that it’s too late for being completely clean… How can I delete all the pxxx in my mind? Too many years… too many…


Perhaps we go wrong in thinking we must fight it.
He says “what causes you to sin, cut it off”

I believe and trust, “the truth will set us free”
As its proved true in my life.

I think we keep asking the wrong questions.
Child = “why?”
Adult = “because…”
Child = “why?”
Adult = “be quiet”
Child = “why?”…etcetera :joy:

“To enter, you must be childlike”


Yes my friend… but its difficult to cut it off… maybe I can rationally not watch… but in my subconscious it’s like boiling water… I agree about not fighting… I even heard Thich Nhath Hanh saying that you can use mindfulness to embrace with understanding and compassion the good and the bad alike but its not easy… But will I recover? I don’t know. On the outside I’m a normal person but in the inside I have so much that I personally want to cut it off sometimes!


:man_facepalming: dammit dammit dammit

I’m not giving up but feel like my efforts are utterly futile


Truth is never futile :+1:


Checking in - All good.
Week 17 - Mar 5, Tuesday


Week 18 - Tuesday - Day 20

Looking for peace within.


Check in…Wednesday
All good…


Thank you for the reminder.


All is good Wednesday checkin


Check in - day 4
All good…


Had a wet dream woke up with tons of images in my mind, feeling fatigue and tired, although I wouldnt call that a conscious relapse, but feels like it :frowning_face:
Day 20 check in


Checking in - All good.
Week 17 - Mar 6, Wednesday


Week 18 ~ Wednesday 6th March
Start of Lent


Week 18 - Wednesday - Day 0

I just had a relapse. So much tension was building up. I only wish I hadn’t watch pxxx. It was better only fxx without images. Just for release! I need to remember next time!


Check in…Thursday
All Ok…


Checkin…Thursday …


Check in - Day 5
All well…


Check in day 21 :no_mouth: highest score for meh