"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



Almost end of Day 17 check in :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Checking in - All good.
Week 17 - Mar 3, Sunday.


check in,
day 7/7.
thank you :slight_smile:


Day 72 Sunday
Bad Sleep
Still day left, trying to make it awesome


Update1: deleted UFC and movies from pc which recently downloaded


Week 17 - Sunday - Day 18

All good. Some lustful thoughts but be vigilant and in control.

“Non lasciarci entrare in tentazione ma liberaci dal male”


I fapped alot in last 2 months due to my ignorance n loss of control over my mind…felt very misreable n prisoner n slave to PMO…i really want to break this chain n devote myself completely to the creator n divine…have started walking again with a hope of making this time to 90 days…pls brothers, i need your support and helping hand to keep walking this path.
Day 1: has begun this journey with no looking back.


You have my support bro :+1:

Had another quick fall :fried_egg:
I have my personal relationship (psychological) reasons that led me there - but will leave those thoughts for now.

Updated k9 settings, changed email to protonmail, and blocked protonmail.


Day one check in.

Determined to make it to six months.


Check in
1st day of Week 18, MONDAY
All Okey…


Daily check in…
Day 2 - all well


Monday checkin …


Day 73 Monday
Not Only I am struggling with porn but also other digital time waster things, Yesterday Night Made a thread in accountability group, I am hoping today I Myself trying to accomplish it


Week 18 ~ Monday 4th March
Bring on the day :+1:


Week 18 - Monday - Day 19

Checking in… All good!


Checking in - All good.
Week 17 - Mar 4, Monday


Check in day 19 oh babe :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Check in - Day 3
All well…


Tuesday checkin…feeling good


Check in


Week 18 ~ Tuesday
Yesterday ended with a peek and a quick fall.
I spent way too long on thinking about rooting my phone, to install an app I’m unsure is the right thing, as I’m not a technical person, and rooting is a bit beyond me - still, I like the idea.

I like my phone, because its good for social communication with close friends (WhatsApp) and alarm clock - so I’m not going to be naive and force myself to find an alternative.

I lacked faith to simply stop worrying about making my phone fool-proof, eradicating potential temptation. Just disabling chrome isn’t enough, I can easily and quickly just enable it without a thought, my 20 years old addictive easy dopamine grabbing brain is strong. I’m not going to be naive about that.

I’m still happy and positive.
I know I should be doing NoFap, but I’m not at the moment - sorry if that causes anyone grief and disappointment. Forgive me. This is my journey, and I feel very happy being honest about it.

So, I’m simply just going to have to give it all up for Lent and observe my religious tradition.
No question about it.

Edit ; I said I’m not doing NoFap, but I am and being honest, I’m just not trying hard enough.