"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge



DAy 52 Monday

Just wake up I think I need more sleep :wink:


Checking in - All good.
Week 15 - Feb 11, Monday


i wrote this while I am half sleep, i slept on & off till 7 hour after my last reply, felt tired just did simple stretch exercise


Week 15 ~ Monday :+1:

All awesome! except I’ve come down with a horrible cold :sneezing_face:

In bed all day


Get well soon brother


Checking in day 17.
Getting my self disciplined over and over.


Checking in
Week 15, Tuesday
All good


Day 53 Tuesday
All good done exercise yesterday will do same Today


Week 15 ~ Tuesday

Still ill in bed, no urges for anything :sweat_smile::sneezing_face:


Checking in - All good.
Week 15 - Feb 12, Tuesday


Hi I like to be part of your group if it’s possible. I’m Italian and I’m on Day 0. I relapsed after more than 90 Days of no porn and masturbation. Now it’s two weeks that I’m watching porn again and I feel lower and lower and I lost so much confidence. I’m back on this app. I cannot do it alone. Grazie.


Checking in Day 3 of Week 15, Wednesday
All good


Ciao @Atanatar! Prego e un piacere :+1:
Cos’è il tuo Sharing code?
Il mio è 098993a
Io sono inglese e iniziare studiare Italiano!


Day 54 Wednesday
Right now I am traveling and it’s very cold here I am just on simple t shirt no jacket no ear cap protection nothing unable to sleep, traveling from last 12 hours


Ciao è un piacere!!! My sharing code is:


How the group work? Take care. Grazie mille!!!


Checking in - All good.
Week 15 - Feb 13, Wednesday


Week 15 ~ Wednesday Check-in.
All good, no fall.
Still a bit sickly, but more active today :wink:

@Atanatar ~
It’s very simple. Just Check-in Everyday
Concentrate on being clean for a week.
Enjoy what you write.
Enjoy what others have to say.
Comment / reply.

The objective is pure and simple,
commitment to this week.


Week 15 ~ Wednsday

Day 1 First Day. Meditation and running in the early morning. Went in town cycling. Very beautiful sunny day. All okay but I found myself looking at girls with lust…

Wish you all a nice evening.


Thank you very much. I hope you get well soon. I had a cold too last week too. Take care. Peace.


Thanks bro! On the positive side it’s shut me down, now I just have to chill and let my body recover :+1:

Nice routine btw, sounds very picturesque :smile: