"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge

Check in - Tuesday 9th Feb
Day 24 - All good… glory to God


Check in - Wednesday 10th Feb
Day 25 - All good… glory to God


Wed 10th Feb
Thanks be to God

@Forodwaith @Gk-00

“pmo won’t nor will ever bring peace, but disorder”
Off to morning Mass, and a walk through the snow :blush:

:-1: Youtube can still be pmo without any “p”
Note to self; “P” gets everywhere.


“A Simple Yes or No”

I’m going to check-in each day with easypeasymethod in mind.

With clarity, Let’s conquer this addiction :+1:

@Gk-00 @Forodwaith @Rebooter81


I’m glad to see you back. Work has been a bitch to be as well and I had a similar thing for about a week. I’m looking for a new job and have an interview in a half hour, prayers appreciated.

I’m on day two.



Is the she your girlfriend?

Good to read from you @Gk-00

@Forodwaith May you be blessed with a wonderful job and wonderful pay :pray:


Thursday, Feb 11

All good. Thanks for the messages guys

@Aoshigreen @Forodwaith @Forerunner

I am now on a path forward once again, a new journey begins :muscle:


Thurs 11th Feb

@Forodwaith yes, she is. Its been almost a year now since we started to get to know each other. It’s been very fruitful against pmo.

Hope all you guys are well @Gk-00 @Rebooter81 @Forerunner @Rohitash @Karan050

Note for today;
Pmo just isn’t worth it.
Stop it, and look at the situation.
A good sleep is much better than frying the brain.


Yes I am ok @Aoshigreen . Currently on 25ty day. Thanks :+1:. Hope we all overcome this addiction soon.


Thank you Forerunner. I am hoping to leave my job and church simultaneously, I work for my denomination but it’s almost become thoroughly apostate. I tried staying for reform and renewal but I don’t think I can survive in it anymore.


I’m really glad to hear that.

I’m on day three and visiting friends so that should be helpful.



Friday, Feb 12

@Aoshigreen @Forodwaith @Forerunner

All good. Happy to be almost at the end of another intense week of work.
Overall I like my job, I think it’s been a huge opportunity for personal growth, I’m learning a lot both professionally and as a person, but sometimes it is tough, we work a lot and we have many projects going on.

Nobody said work would have been easy all the time :muscle:

Lord, give me strength to fight every day :pray:

Overall feeling good about PMO, I’m just at the beginning, but I really needed to detach myself once more from daily P.


Fri 12th Feb

@Gk-00 @Forodwaith

Daily check-in with easypeasymethod in mind

Win or lose, struggle or not, a celebration or commiseration for oneself - (?)

Pmo is not a reward
Pmo is not a relaxation technique

I got a little distressed today,
Pmo wants to fill that hole,…
But it was pmo that created it.

Morning Mass, work, (mental worries), dinner, And chatted with her online and watched a movie together. Nice evening :relieved: Thanks be to God :pray:

What can I say about the relationship, its impact on pmo, and impact on me, a pmo addict?

It’s very supportive, and realise communication, understanding and companionship are God’s gifts. They are truly joyful and good things :pray:
Thanks be to God.

The relationship has made me feel ashamed of pmo. I’ve spent hours just chatting with her at night, reading scripture or watching something online, when I could’ve been getting my dopamine and oxytocin from pmo instead.

What has it done to me?
Well,… I notice I’m defensive, bitter and insecure because of pmo, and the trauma, paranoia and mess it created in my life, socially and work wise.
I measure myself a lot against others, and look at my failings more than my blessings. I assume people think little of me, and want me out of the way.
And when I feel I’m being threatened I get defensive.
All this was created from pmo, and when I pmo it just adds to that pile :poop: each time.

And when I’ve got sh*t in my face, I can’t see clearly, and neither do people see me clearly either.

Pmo is a poo demon who makes everyone blind.

All in all, God is good :pray: and people are fundamentally good and want to be in a good place.


Sat 13th @Gk-00

Thinking of you especially today @Forodwaith
And I’ll pray for you tomorrow :pray:
I hope you find spiritual renewal and peace.
God is with you where ever you go.
Peace be with you always :pray:

It was a good day, and it’s a bit late now.
Thanks be to God :pray::seedling:


Sunday, Feb 14

All good. I’m starting to get into the mindset that, if I want to be better, I gotta start putting the work into it. No good things come without hard work and effort.

Today is Valentine’s day, I’m feeling kinda down for not having a partner to spend it with, but I’m realising that the best mindset is to improve myself for my own good, not because I want a girl or I feel alone.

I need to learn to be in peace with myself, and chase my personal goals, exercise, read, be effective at work, be an asset and not a burden for my family and friends, be capable of sustaining the difficulties that will come in life. This is the right way to go :muscle:

Reading again the easy-peasy method book, I’m at chapter 8 now. It feels so good to be back on track, Lord help me to keep going :pray:


Sunday 14th Feb

Glad you are in good spirits @Gk-00
I’ve started reading Easyway to stop smoking,
I had read a few chapters, but I’ve started again from the beginning.
Lent is coming, so I’m looking forward to commitment to spiritual renewal, to give back to God.
Praying for you guys @Forodwaith @Rebooter81
@Forerunner @Karan050


All the best brother! You have immense inner strength to overcome this bad habit. Just do it!


Monday 15th Feb

@Forodwaith @Gk-00
@Karan050 Thanks bro :hugs::pray: it’s great to see you. I pray to God you are finding inner peace and inner strength too :pray::dove:

I’m really blessed by her,…
It was an immense day, we had to send our co-worker home for being so hot-headed.
I opened up to her about pmo at a deeper level, and expressed my shame & fear :pray:
She was very gracious & loving, even though some of the things I looked at were shocking.
(and if I was her I’d be upset and disappointed)

We talked a lot, I talked about you guys, the isolation pmo drives, feeling like an outsider, never able to connect and feel companionship, the life of pornstars, cams, those gifs that pop up on sites,… Those poor girls who do something on cam for their bf-gets shared online-ruins her life, and cases of suicide :pray::pray::pray:
She talked about people in her life who had it rough, and a similar experience to me of personal intimate life being pulled up and mocked. Working on a cancer ward, when she had lost a lot in her life, and being touched by a girl younger than her who had lost all her hair -through chemo, And her breasts removed :pray:

I’m very blessed, Thanks be to God :pray:
I had confession and evening Mass.

I opened up about my paranoia and anxiety, and gave peace & love back to a couple of people in my life I feel awkward around.

On a serious and practical level;
I realise some of us may not be in relationships, and maybe doubt it, or feel unworthy,… But, you don’t realise how wonderful and awesome you really are guys, just as you are. I know we wanna beat this addiction, be strong, do awesome things,… And I’d never want to take that away… But there are people out there who love you already… And I don’t mean, just as friends,… But someone who does want you to being doing NoFap, who wants to support you and wants you to be awesome for your sake.
Your heart and soul are enough to satisfy.
On Love we can build great things :pray:


Tues 16th Feb

@Forodwaith I hope you are well my friend.
I’m always lighting a candle and a prayer for all you guys who’ve been here, and the community as a whole.

Thanks be to God for today
I’m very grateful you found and shared easypeasymethod.org @Gk-00

If people haven’t already started reading it, why not? It is called “easy” for a reason.
You’ve got nothing to lose by reading it.

I’m enjoying the original version to stop smoking, and look forward to reading more.

Hope you’re all well always :hugs::dove: