"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge

Wed 17th Feb

Hope all are well, and Lent is part of your journey.

Not a lot to say tonight, though I could start, but just keeping to my commitment of checking in.

Thanks be to God for today,
Thank you for giving me a way out.

I’m really enjoying the easyway to quit smoking book too :blush:


Thurs 18th Feb :+1:

All good, Thanks be to God always :pray:
I’m going to refrain from daily check-in for now. There are only so many hours the day.
Hope you’re all well :hugs:


Thank you for your continued prayers. I’ve really been struggling as I want to get out of my current job and city and find a place where my partner and I can find strong Christian community but doors don’t seem to be opening up.

That has been hard to accept and work has also been so busy and stressful. One of my co-workers has been arrested for alleged drug smuggling which has been a shock for all of us but also meant we have had to take over all his work. It’s been super stressful so I don’t have much time to look for new jobs, I’m also feeling burned out so the thought of doing a new job is overwhelming oftentimes. I had an interview the week before last week which seemed to go well but they are not ready to hire full time for at least a year which was a shock.

All of this has made recovery take a back burner and in my frustration with both the process and obstacles as well as the seeming meaninglessness of my life at present has had me but trusting the Lord as I should and using pmo more often to cope. I’m hoping to get out of this downward spiral from right now.



Sunday Feb 21

@Aoshigreen @Forodwaith @Forerunner

Guys, I’m in quarantine. Some of my siblings were tested positive for Covid, so we are currently locked-down in our home since wednesday, waiting to heal up and do the next test. It will take at least a couple weeks of quarantine, hoping it will not take longer than that to be able to go out again.

Luckily we are mostly fine, aside from flu-like symptoms, this is a blessing for sure. :pray:

I’m currently doing fairly well in my no-PMO journey, I want to treat this quarantine period as a way to renovate myself, I want to come out of this stronger than before, be an anchor and a light of hope for my family, and not dwell in my personal struggles.

Lord, help us to get through this :pray:


Oh wow! I will keep you and your family in my prayers.

I am just about one day into my next reboot.


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I’m two days back in the game now. Now to three, and then five, and then my first week.

@Aoshigreen @Gk-00

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I’m about three days into my journey. The grace of this past first Sunday in lent’s message seems to be working within me and I continue to yield to Him who though tempted sinned not. Oh Jesus, by thy obedience keep me in grace.


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Four days in. Last night I talked with my partner about what I’m struggling with and it was hard but good. I always feel sad to disappoint them but it’s important that our relationship be based on the truth and honesty is integral. If anything, the conversation spurs me to take this all more seriously. So help me God.

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Back to day one, because you know, life sucks. Lol

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