"Check-in" Daily - diary challenge

4 days as well it’s not much but I’m glad I’ve got this far but must stay vigilant




Sat / Sun
Both days I struggled and fell into edging, and had a setback late :pray::pray::pray:

Thanks be to God to be here, For all the blessings seen and unseen.

Stay calm and wise my friends :pray:

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I failed to my imagination not porn is that progress? This is a tough journey and we will relapse along the way to recovery that’s what Mark Queppet says but we must learn from our mistakes: he says at least fail differently, in a different way and then learn from that using the metascript method. If we don’t learn from our failures we will repeat the exact same mistakes again.

I think the counter system can set us up for thinking that anything less than perfection is not good enough but if I’m making progress then a zero on my counter doesn’t reflect that I’m learning from my mistakes it’s just one measure of success and it is valuable in that way but it’s not the whole picture.

I know late at night with technology is a danger zone, I know that having an electronic shut off at say 10pm is ideal. That reading my bible is the first thing I should do in the morning before exposing myself to any media. I think I’m learning, I hope I’m making progress but I know that I’m weak and easily enticed.

God’s standards are so high and in a sexually charged culture they seem almost impossibly high but He gives us the strength right? And we are happier living pure than with our minds in the gutter. Happier not feeling guilty and exerting our willpower than crumbling at the slightest temptation.
I believe God’s way is the happiest way. I hope I believe that…

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Check in Monday: Day 6 :+1::fist::muscle:


Check in: Day 7 :muscle:
I finally completed a week! Thanks God, thanks to everyone here.


Friday 4th Dec

Thanks for checking-in @srubio
And thanks for sharing your challenge @chelex Peace, Strength and Wisdom be with you and your companions

Hoping you guys are well
@Forodwaith @Gk-00 @Rebooter81 @Forerunner @Karan050 @CM2018
@Special_Bird @Rohitash

The past couple of days have been good and pmo free :+1::pray: after some not so good days.
Glad to be here, glad for this community.

I thought a lot recently whether a “Daily check-in challenge” is the right thing or not, whether it’s helpful, or the opposite.
I sometimes worry it creates an unhealthy bondage,like with the app, “does this constant attention to nopmo keep us in the cycle?”

I’d love to know any of your thoughts about anything.

Peace be with you


Sat 5th Dec :+1:

I’m really grateful for this forum and it’s community. It has done a lot of good to my life, its given me some real leverage with pmo addiction, as well as the reflections, prayers, support and good will for others have brought me closer to God, and onto a clear path.

It doesn’t matter where you are in your journey, you are never alone, and you’re always doing the right thing by reading something like this :pray:

Peace be with you

@Gk-00 @Forodwaith @Rebooter81 @srubio


Hey @anon67854825! Thanks for tagging. :slight_smile:
Hey community!

I have reached 70 days pmo-free today.
Honestly, it is still a roller coaster ride.
But I am still on track.

Stay strong and keep fighting, my friends!


Sunday 6th Dec

Congratulations @CM2018
it’s a great achievement :raised_hands:

Thanks be to God - Mass this morning :pray:
Domestic, social day - no work :+1:

Hoping you guys are well.

Sleep well, and have a beautiful morning :sun_with_face:


Day 12. Check in. Hope you guys are doing well :pray:.


Had a very very miserable and bad year in no way out from PMO…have become such a biggest slave to PMO in this year…not even a single day had been through without it…i daily think this is my last day such a bad health i made up of myself…there is no stopping such a chaser effect i keep having daily…i m completely broken and shattered from inside… can’t stop my tears, i feel because of my this habit god must have also become so disappointed from me, i feel god is no more with me, i feel abandoned by god and that’s the biggest pain to bear. My forefathers must be disappointed for giving me so high level energy and vibrations in initial days when i was completely fit and young. I always felt that i was the chosen one, but today i am just like empty vessel, no energy, no vibes, no strength, no life, i lost all spiritual energies that i had…i feel all the spiritual energies are leaving me now. I feel so so disgusted about myself.
Sometimes i really ask god is there anyway that he can forgive me one last time :cry:


:pray: Bless you bro :pray:
I’m being deceived often too :pray:
Pmo is poison disguised as a cure :pray:

But God is faithful to us even when we aren’t.
Do not think God will love us because we are good, but that God will make us good because He loves us.


From 72 to 0 in no time. :see_no_evil:

It took me in a weak moment.

The good thing: it was not with hardc*** p***.
But it was with audio ero***.
And I had an orgasm.
I negotiated with myself: Do I even have to count it as a relapse? Bad news: I have to - in order to keep it honest as hard mode.

I desperately wanted to make the 90 before start of the new year. Maybe I was to desperate. What counts now: keep going. Keep it a slip - and not as the beginning of a series of relapses. Stay strong - keep fighting!


Thanks @anon67854825, it’s been alright lately. I’ve been on a learning journey as of late. I think I’m starting to understand some things that were holding me back before.

But now it’s just dealing with my own laziness to stay consistent with my strategies.

I want to come back to the daily diary at some point, but I think until I get a decent streak going, I’ll be on my own journal thread. I just hate adding relapses on here, I feel like it’s pretty demotivating.

Hope you are doing well yourself :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you for your motivating and honest words @Special_Bird it means a lot, I shouldn’t doubt myself so much :pray::grin:
I really appreciate your thoughts on the Daily Diary - I’ve been in conflict over it for a while, but relieved to know people are focusing and building on what is important.


It’s been a long time.

Day One

Feeling good as I continue to do the things I want to do out of a renewed heart.

@anon67854825 @Gk-00


Day 1 - Wednesday - 9th December
All good… Glory to God


Definitely man, I love the daily diary and I think it’s really helpful for me. I just want to be able to add to an atmosphere of support and growth, so I’ve been staying away for a little awhile till I get back on my feet.

I hope to be back here soon though!

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Wed 9th Dec

@Forodwaith @Gk-00
Great to see you @Rohitash

I’m struggling to check-in daily due to my lifestyle of working long days with others and chatting to my lady friend before bed :grin: Mass is back on, and work is fun ~ Thanks be to God :pray:

I completely understand @Special_Bird and it makes me question whether the title/approach of the group is a useful one.
“We become what we think” if we’re always thinking/writing about relapses we are in danger of creating a cycle - requiring impartial simplicity to write/post.
Even if we became immune to guilty feelings, we are in danger of normalising relapses.
(I’ve been doing a lot of that the past few months - I’m actually on day 3 or 4 now, not 6)
It is only due to having things to be occupied with that has helped me, and also the easypeasymethod (still to be finished) which has saved me a few times.
There’s a time and a season for everything, and I realise I value free time to relax, think and observe clearly - especially when I’m chatting with her - so I may modify the group in the coming weeks.

@Forerunner @Karan050 @Rebooter81

@srubio @Ash_Matt @Cubenix


Very true :slight_smile: @anon67854825
I have huge exams coming up but I’m going for a debate too, and my parents support that, since good relaxation is equally important as work. God gave us 6 days to work but 1 day to rest as well.