Chasing (Dis)Comfort In Daily life

In this day and age, everything in life is geared towards one thing and one thing only : convenience. The biggest businesses in the world are the ones who make things most “convenient” for people. We are afraid of the slightest discomfort. We know we have to do shit, but the minute we hit the slightest inconvenience, we drop everything and run back to our comfort zone.
What if we choose discomfort over comfort in small small things in life? Rewire the conditioning, slowly and steadily, through small, simple acts of discomfort, every day? Like small acts of kindness, what if we consciously work for small, simple acts of discomfort? Examples are :

  1. Getting rid of instant fingerprint/face unlock and setting a long, dope ass password so that you will have to type it out every time you want to unlock the phone (this can be an affirmation for added effect)
  2. Choosing to take the stairs even when there is an elevator, to the top floor of a 10 storey building, just for the heck of it
  3. Purposefully running/biking to work every day
  4. Making your coffee manually (ditching the coffee maker)
  5. Turning down the air conditioning/heater slightly
  6. Writing down stuff by hand that you normally would type out (journal, to do list etc.)

Let’s discuss this more. What are your thoughts? What are some other small small acts of discomfort everyone can adopt?

  1. Doing fasting and giving food to needy.
  2. Washing clothes by hand.
  3. Reading books rather than TV,videos.
  4. If u hv garden at home then doing little farming.
  5. Stopping binge eating, smoking, shopping etc.
  6. Doing CSR activity…
    … list goes on and on…