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First goals: atleast 1 week no pmo!

I have been watching porn and masturbating since around age 13 (now 27). For atleast the last 8 or so years being doing it almost nonstop. Like, maybe had quits for a week, but then afterwards on a daily basis. The last few months seems to have gone worse. Not only on a daily basis, but i feel like its effecting my life: not feeling like the real me, not getting along with anyone, holding me back from my ambitions etc. Etc. Ive tried quitting this multiple times. Today, is the first time though on this forum. I already feel like this can help a lot! Also ive read through many journals of others and seen that its possible to quit for good (or for very long). I hope to achieve my goals (atleast of 1 week no pmo for now), and i hope to be able to encourage and inspire others as well, for this trully is all just filth, and sickens a person and therefore society (in my opinion).

Been 14 hours now, today i had urges but took a nap and tried forgetting about it. Now ready to go to bed. Mornings can be tough. Since ive experience that sometimes i go for the porn without thinking it seems and just go about it. Hopefully i will restrain myself and be able to go directly to the gym (also something ive been dedicated about for now 3 weeks).


Day 2. Went by hard. Had urges more than jusy once. Peakef a few times at some websites, touched my dingdong, but fortunately i quickly new to shut the websites off. Going to bed now. I just hope tomorrow morning the urges doesnt mwss with me since ive got to go to work andin the past ive waken up early with extreme urges and just done so i could go back to sleep.

For now nothing changed though, only wanting to watch porn like crazy.

Goinh on


You are doing great brother, you are able to actually resist the urges ansd you are honest with yourself too, keep going on brother am on day 13 we are all on this road together :muscle:t5::muscle:t6::muscle:t2::muscle:


@Charliejackson The more you resist them , the more you get stronger. Keep going. Remember you are the incharge of your body, your body do what your minds commands. Urges are nothing but an imaginary force, they are weak , they won’t stay for long.

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