Chapterwise Summary of Easy-Peasy HackBook (A Must read for every nofapper)

Greeting to all forum members,

This will be a long post but it’s worth reading !

You might know everything about nofap, You know about it’s side-effects. You know how it is affecting your brain, Your productivity and most importantly your life. Everyone who is reading this knows that Porn is like a drug- addiction. We cannot deny that Despite of knowing that we are gonna regret we repeat it again and again. That’s is what an addiction is !

There are many stages of Your addiction, If you are able to cross 7 days or 14 days it’s still an achievement
Because Many of our fellow companions conditions are very worse and some are even unaware of the side-effects of porn.

We begin the new year with an enthusiasm that we are not gonna relapse this year, Joined every challenge possible, reading motivational quotes, helping other. Thinking about our weak points and working on them.

We spent a lot of our time in a year watching porn, We often say this is the last time, I are not gonna repeat it again. But after we ejaculate we regret what have we done !

I am sure you might have tried your best about trying to get a good streak, Let me drag your attention towards Peaking We often lose because of this. Some times our mind start to trick us that You are nofap don’t masturbate but you can still watch a single video or watch a scene of a movie. There’s is nothing wrong in it. You begin the process and it leads to relapse if not on the same day then the next day !

This struck me Hard, the truth about porn ! :fire: :anger:


Generally, We enjoy watching it but only when we have not ejaculated, The process begins like !


Now about this thread !

Easy Peasy is a must read for every nofapper ! 

I have been reading this book and I am going to complete this book by tomorrow ! I am feeling very happy and Feels like I am free from this addiction but not becoming overconfident I have taken some key points from every chapter of the book, And I would like to share it with you all. I will upload everyday a summary of the chapter but it’s not like a summary, Because every line of that book I find it important, If I were to highlight important points from it I would have highlighted the whole book !

It is a small book which can be finished within hours but never the less quality matters, so I am gonna re-read it and Upload Some Important points from every chapter !

Important Note !

I do not recommend to just read summary if you can read it completely, Easy peasy is a highly recommended book by my side if you really want to get free from this addiction read it. And If you are not gonna read , You probably don’t wanna get a good streak. It might sound hard but it’s the truth and Don’t think you will not masturbate while reading the book, But after finishing the book, You will have the potential to have the highest streak.

This is for those who do not have a book reading habit, So Keep visiting here and Enjoy !

You have been addicted to this for quite a long time don’t expect to get freed from it so easily, You have to put in the work !

If you are feeling lonely, it won’t last forever.
If you are feeling bored, it won’t last forever.
If you are feeling stressed, it won’t last forever.
If you are feeling upset, it won’t last forever.
If you are feeling cravings, it won’t last forever.

Keep moving forward.

Summary will be uploaded at 9 pm (IST) everyday until the book get’s finished.

Greatness is coming for us ! :fire: :muscle:


Thank you for doing this, I’m also in the process of reading this book and will finish it within a day or 2. Would you like us to post feedback on what we thought of each chapter or just thought in general, or would you like to keep this as more of a single user posting (I will delete this comment if so)


I see you’re doing a g8 job.
I believe I don’t need to read the book when i get summary here :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Yes brother You can also share your thoughts and learning from the book !
Anything which will help the members of this community is highly appreciated !
If you like You can also post summary of particular chapter by informing, But in the book it’s strictly written not to jump chapters, You can tell in advance that You will write the summary of for example second chap. So, I won’t bother about that !
Thanks for the support !


Finally… Thanks… I was sick of “Oh u must read it, summary isn’t gonna help you” replies


yeah I agree. When I get time I will definitely read this book. Long back I added in my checklist. :slight_smile:

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Honestly I think it throws people off when we call it a book. It has about 30 chapters but they each average out to taking about 5 minutes or so to read (depending on the reader of course) so you could honestly read the whole thing in just a few hours. I think it will be a big boost if you have even a little spare time to take out of your day.


Yup u are right. I think the most important chapter in the book is ‘BRAINWASHING’ AND ’ BRAINWASHING ASPECTS’


I actually read alot of books… But self help is one of my genres I hate… This summary is a great help :v:


As u wish dude , anything that’s convenient to u.

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Okay dude… :slight_smile:

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If you don’t have time to read this just jump to Important Points. See Ya !

Chapter 1 Introduction

• This hackbook will enable you to stop using pornography immediately, painlessly, and permanently without willpower or any sense of deprivation or sacrifice. It won’t place any judgement, embarrassment, or pressure to undergo painful measures.

• There is no need to cut down usage of porn doing it will be against the guidelines of the book because it will require will-power and easypeasy is about giving up this addiction without willpower and painlessly

• Porn is easily available everywhere, thanks to the internet anyone, anybody (age doesn’t matter) can watch it.

• If you’re expecting this book to ’scare’ you into quitting with the various health issues users risk, such as sexual dysfunction (including porn induced erectile dysfunction), you’ll be sorely disappointed. Those tactics never helped me to quit and if they were going to help you, you’d have quit already.

• This is the regret of every porn addict but originally "curiosity and human nature took you there. " I wouldn’t have started, had I known I will become addicted, causing the decline of my health, happiness, and relationships. “If only I’d heard about sexual dysfunction on my first visit to that porn site!”

• Like every other porn user, you have been lured into the most sinister and subtle trap that man and nature have ever combined to devise. There’s not a person alive, whether a user themselves or not, that likes the thought of their children using porn to cope or for pleasure. This means that all addicts wish they had never started. That’s unsurprising: no one needs porn to enjoy life or cope with stress before they get hooked. But at the same time, all users wish to continue.

• After all, nobody forces us to launch our browser’s incognito mode. Whether they understand the reason or not, it’s only users that decide to knock on the doors of their online-harem (Website who host high-speed internet porn). There is no magic button that you can press and wake up the next morning like you never accessed that first P*rn site.

Important Points :fire: :point_down:

• The only thing that prevents us from quitting is FEAR! Fear caused by the belief that we’ll have to survive an indeterminate period of misery, deprivation, and unsatisfied craving in order to be free from porn. These spawn from irrational beliefs, both learned and acquired, such as:

  1. Masturbation or sex leading to orgasm is the only and most important thing in life.
  2. Porn is ’safer’ than real-life sex because porn can’t reject me.
  3. Porn is educative and useful.
  4. Entitlement to a ’superior’ sex experience.
  5. More is always better.

• These irrational beliefs spawn irrational consequences when acted upon, including:

  1. Worshipping and obsessing when a ’perfect 10/10’ is found.
  2. Perceiving yourself as a loser if you miss out on sex, as if it’s the most important thing in the human experience.
  3. Holding out for a perfect 10.
  4. Being excessively judgmental and critical of prospective partners.
  5. Forcing yourself to have sex whether you want it or not.

• It’s fear that a night all by yourself will be miserable, spent fighting uncontrollable impulses. Fear that the night before exams will be a night from hell without porn. Fear that we’ll never be able to concentrate, handle stress, or be as confident without our little crutch and that our personality and character will change.

• But most of all, fear that ’once an addict, always an addict’: that we’ll never be completely free, spending the rest of our lives craving the occasional porn-induced orgasm at odd times. If, as I did, you’ve already tried all the conventional ways to quit and have been through the misery and torture of the ’willpower method’, you’ll not only be affected by that fear, you’ll be convinced you can never quit.

• By every successive failure you get convinced that you will never be able to quit.

• If you feel that the time is not right for you to quit, let me assure you that your apprehension (Anxiety and fear that something bad will happen) and panic isn’t relieved by porn – it’s caused by it. You didn’t decide to fall into the porn trap, but like all traps, it’s designed to ensure that you remain trapped. Ask yourself, when you viewed those first porn pictures and videos, did you decide to come back to view them as long as you live? So when will you quit? Tomorrow? Next year? Stop kidding yourself! The trap is designed to hold you for life. Why else do you think all these other addicts don’t quit before it ’kills’ their lives?

• The warning is as follows:
This is a chicken and egg situation: every addict wants to quit and every addict can find it easy and enjoyable to quit. It’s only fear that prevents users from attempting to quit. The single greatest gain is to be rid of that fear, but you won’t be free of that fear until you complete the book. On the contrary, your fear may increase as you continue reading, which might prevent you from finishing it. Take this comment from one woman.

• You didn’t decide to fall into the trap, but be clear in your mind: you won’t escape from it unless you make the affirmative decision to do so. You may already be straining at the leash to quit, or you may be apprehensive about the very thought, but either way, please bear in mind: YOU HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE!

• Failure to understand. Don’t take anything for granted, question not only what you’re told, but your own views and what society has told you about sex, internet porn, and addiction. For example, those who believe it’s just a habit, ask yourself why other habits – some of which are enjoyable – are easy to break, while a habit that feels awful, costs energy, time and virility is so difficult to break. Those that believe you enjoy porn, ask yourself why other things that are infinitely more enjoyable you can take or leave. Why do you have to have porn, panic setting in if you don’t?

• EasyPeasy is about to give you the knowledge on how easy and enjoyable it is to quit porn. Like many others, one of my greatest triumphs in life has been escaping the porn trap. There’s no need to feel depressed, on the contrary, you’re about to accomplish something that every user on the planet would love to achieve: FREEDOM!


I am sorry guys, I have my exam ahead so I will not be able to upload the summary.
Will try my best to provide complete summary in next month

Right now, I am giving my phone away to my parents.
Will not be online for this month.
Will only return, If I get a 30 day streak.
Otherwise, I will ashamed to be the part of this community.
I have tried a lot, No matter what I do I always lose.
This year I haven’t achieved a single great streak.
I am very disappointed and I will return only if I have control over myself.
See you all !


@rewire_user :pleading_face: bro don’t be, you are a warrior, getting out of this addiction is not that easy you have to keep trying and trying and trying… Until you get there. I give a lot of credit to easy peasy and this community for helping me get out of this addiction but I had been trying for almost a year to get rid of this Addiction even before I joined this community or I read easy peasy, so don’t think that you are less than anyone else here just get back up everytime you fall, never give up. I know you have almost completed easy peasy so you are equipped with most of the knowledge required to get rid of this addiction, stay strong, may the next month be best month of your life.


@rewire_user man listen! you are very special person! you don’t have to feel this way man!
you are gem of this community! we need people like you to rise above the failures!
God will give you strength brother… keep the faith! power to you buddy! you will bounce back fr!


You do a wonderfully thing by sharing this @rewire_user
I hope that your exams will going great and to come on with powerfull of energy and free …


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