Channeling that energy

I made 2 and a half days since relapse and all that energy (and urge) is building up again. Last time I couldn’t stand it anymore on day 8.

I try to channel it into workout, cooking and Meditation. But it’s not easy to handle full-energy-mode when all my life was like “i have barely enough energy to handle my day”-mode

Any advice or suggestions are welcome

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Yes i was also not able to handle the energy but i didnt relapse i have done only one thing.

Remember this,

Dont allow your Hormones to hijack and control your brain for 2 mins Orgasm.

Or chant this mantra

:om:Om Namah Shivaya :om: while meditating with full focus and clear your mind

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Make a goal first and Chase it by following no pmo.
If your aim is a streak of xdays this will reduce your productivity. And of course you will have to face more no. Of urges