Changing bad habits easily

I know that for porn, the only way that works is no porn at all. Never again.
But I know that there are a ton of minor little habits which would be nice if I don’t have them. But if I tell my self that I will never do them again (like chewing on my fingernails) I will end up with a huge list of things I mustn’t do ever again. I will feel horrible since never again is a pretty long time :sweat_smile:

What I found out for my self is that there is an easier method to get rid of them.
Every night i define goals or small, easy “challenges” for the next day. Like “tomorrow I will wake up and drink a glass of water” or “tomorrow I won’t watch twitch”.

Once a week I will set one larger goal. This week was “I will keep my phone in the living room when I’m at home and I will use it for less then 30min daily”.

The important part is, that each night I will look back at the day. I feel satisfied when I reached my goal and I see that it’s not torturing to do it like this and my day was better then if I did it the old way. From the bad things during the day I can set a new goal for the next day.

It’s an easy challenge and reward system which helps me to change my bad habits step by step without torturing myself.


This was something which needed to be said. Now that’s how it should be done. Nofap doesn’t work until we do.