Changed_one's diary,Bring the change

All i need is support.

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Not feeling good and relapsed, the friend I believed cheated me.

Till now, i never realized he just used me for his benefits, but when I denied yesterday, he took all my efforts credit and kicked me.

I would not go through some mental stress this time; I would improve myself so much that the whole world would feel sorrow for the bad deeds that they did to me.

I might be down and weak this time, but all these incidents are just lessons I need to learn.


I have almost a same situation. Some people betrayed me. Beware, there are a lot of bad people in this world, friends become enemies

My weeks are really stressful , you should find the balance. And find hapiness in other things instead of ■■■■.

Learning lessons from the life is always hard.

Good luck!


Thanks; we only learn what we do not know.

I did not know that trust should have a limit, so life taught me. I accepted that.



Day 1 is done.

Feeling good and highly motivated.

Last night, I wrote about every mistake I made. Every person who betrayed me Every lesson I learnt. Everything for which I cried

I will not hurt anyone. But this world will cry while watching my success.

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got urge but controlled


Day 2

Enjoyed whole day, slept for 8hr (after 1 month)
Enjoyed wc final with family and local area friends

Lekin ab rona aara hai, haar gaye

Day 3

I had a good day. Completed the whole Lucifer series in all six seasons.

I did not talk to anyone other than family.

I would call some of my friends today.

I will start studying for my next attempt from today.

Not a good day, spent whole day in front of screen.
Watched lectures, study related videos. Read just 2 pages of book i purchased.


Just read your post in message board. Its good your transformed your negative energy into positive one.

But just wanna tell you do not play rigved mantras on phone. While no one can stop you from playing or chanting but vedas mantras should not be read by anyone who do not have vedas knowledge and upanayan sanskara.

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Started new book.
And screen bhi toot gayi. Pura screen protector safe andar se puri screen me cracks. 1 saal tak aise hi chalana padega


@PaperBoat just wanna share this i passed g1 with good marks and exemption in 2. preparing for g2

how are you and how is your health?

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Hey man, you say you need support, for what? No fap? Chasing your goals? Being more confident?

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Congratulations brother :tada::tada:
So now you have to only give 2 papers!

My health is good now, thanks for asking.
Let’s become finalist this may💪

what do you think about connecting over some medium like telegram or discord, so that we both can share our progress, accountability bhi bani rahegi and doubts bhi discuss kar sakenge.

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Sure brother, I am pretty active on telegram.