Chance to Redeem yourself in 2021. Give it all you got

Hey Fam,

I am looking for NoFappers who are fed up with Fapping and are looking for challengers to bring out the best in them. This Last Man Standing has certain rules:

  1. Competition starts on 1st September of this year and last entry will be made on 31st August

  2. The competition will end when either there is one person at the end or 500 days from 1st September

  3. Post your sharing code with your age and gender and your name will be added to the competition

  4. Try to post some motivating content to help each other

Feel free to add reasonable rules and tips for this group.

So who’s ready to bring out the best in them?

Choose your pain: Pain of Discipline or Pain of Regret


The contenders for this Challenge are:

  1. darshanp 28-M 1c0ff9
  2. nojafa 27-m
  3. accelerator2 21-M 97h6oh
  4. Purity11 18-M yuezka
  5. someBody13 25-M 3c4rhx
  1. Name: Timetochangenow
    Sharing code: nojafa
    27-m . Gl all

Edit: no idea why I got this abnormal sharing code, but it works.


Hey, count me in.
Name - accelerator2
Sharing code- 97h6oh
Age 21

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||Purity11 Sharing code - yuezka Age - 18
Gender - Male Type - Alpha||

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hey can you share your sharing code?

Take me onboard!
Name - someBody13
Sharecode - 3c4rhx
Male 25


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