CHALLENGES for 15/30/60/100 Day Goals! 🏆



Oh, I forgot it. Sorry, but I would like to join it again. This time I will keep update my day. So, I will start with 30 days group.


@kin76 Welcome to the challenge, edit the scoreboard and add yourself :slight_smile:


@BruceLee I didn’t understand the question.


You have been removed from the challenge due to inactivity. You are welcome anytime to join again if you would like to :+1:


Wow well done @ankush2 you have come far! Gratz on the yellow heart and #2 on Leaderboard :slight_smile:

Where will you go next? :slight_smile:


100 days group would be just fine.
But do i have to update it regularly?


@ankush2 If you are in 100 days group then you should update at least once in 30 days.
All the best :+1:

@Vaibhavk Welcome to the challenge, edit the scoreboard and add yourself :slightly_smiling_face:
Which group do you wanna join, what is your sharing code?


I don’t see an edit button at the bottom of the score board. How can I enter the 15 day challenge?


Welcome to the challenge
You are a basic user… spend some time in forum… you would be able to edit the scoreboard.
Scoreboard is on page no. 2 of this topic.
I add you just tell me your sharing code ?


vmv95f Thank you I’m trying to get to 20 characters so I can post, ok


I’m sorry I am old. How do I find pg #2 of this thread? Thank you for your help


Just click :point_right:CHALLENGES for 15/30/60/100 Day Goals! 🏆

Click this if you want see a demo :point_right:NoFap Champion 2019 🏆


Uh…did I do that right? I am Soo confused right now. I just edited the scoreboard. Was that how I was supposed to do it?

Apps are kind of like a foreign language to me.


I’ve added you, you just have to update your streak " Day 0"


Relapsed after 4 days :sob: