CHALLENGES for 15/30/60/100 Day Goals! 🏆



Welcome to the challenge
@jaspreetsingh @simonene
You’ve to start with zero, please read the rules


Just Updated myself in scorecard thanks to @MJ2019


Add me to Group 30 days
Current streak: 1 day
Longest streak: 5 days


Welcome to the challenge, edit the scoreboard and update yourself :slight_smile:


Hey add me to the challenge
My code : 2n7dxu


Welcome to the challenge
Which group do you want Join…


Me & @MJ2019 Completed half of the 1st challenge


Hey @BruceLee
How to edit the score board??
I’m on mobile…


You’re a New user… spend some time in forum… you would be able to edit the scoreboard.


@BruceLee how to use this app


Hey @BruceLee
I still don’t have the edit button


You’re a New user… spend some time in forum… you would be able to edit the scoreboard
don’t worry… you can tell me I update your scoreboard
I suggest you to read some other more group

when you’ll receive a notification by system

After that you can edit the scoreboard
@Taher Please Help his


@absolutesolider you should be able to edit now.


@NEW_CHALLENGER Please don’t incorrect the scoreboard :clap:
It takes a lot of time to correct it :weary:
I’m saying this because you’ve done this third time


@BruceLee Sorry Brother…


I have completed 60 days challange…
Next I want to try the 30 days challange.


Wow… well done @ShivHanu you have come far! Gratz on the red heart and #1 on Leaderboard :slight_smile:


Well done @kin76 you archive your first heart

To track; how many days it has been since your last update; simply check the edit history of the scoreboard or leave a note in the journal section of statistics of the date you started :+1:
Please don’t write this update 14 March 2019 in the scoreboard


@weir, sorry to say, but I did not complete the first half. Had to factory reset my phone and was off of rewire for 9 days and definitely fapped a few times. I corrected my days in the scoreboards I’m on. I’m on day 2 right now. Doesn’t help that my account did not save my progress since I started on rewire on Feb 6, but oh well. Part of being a Buddhist is the willingness to start again and again and again. Peace, and thanks to you and everyone else here for your support!


@HeracliusD @Aragorn @Rakis2009 @fruity @jaspreetsingh @broadsword @have_a_nice_day @miguelangel.povedasanchez @honey1 @jagz

You have been removed from the challenge due to inactivity. You are welcome anytime to join again if you would like to :slight_smile: