Challenge myself by rewarding with one episode of webseries

I give myself a challenge that I will target one day then two days then three days… Etc. I have to complete that day according to this app and reward myself with one episode of webseries.
For example recently I am watching two webseries “titans” and “my hero accademia”.
At first I will give myself 1 day target then I will take a screenshot of my completing the day and post it in here and after that I will watch the 5th episode of titans. ( Actually I had completed 4 episodes)
Then my next target will be two days… I have to complete two days then I will take screenshots and post it here and then I will watch 6th episode of “titans”
This way it keep repeating and if I finished the “Titans” webseries then I will add another one.
This seems to me challenging but let’s see what happens… I can do this… In this way I have to complete only 10 days.