Challenge a companion


Do the honours! :ok_hand:

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I have a question…can this forum be accessed from pc/web? I am trying to reduce my use of mobile



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I want to challenge The Three Musketeers.


Celestials want to challenge Avengers. @RoadToFreedom let us know if u guys can accept it.


Challenge accepted!

Please provide your sharing code guys…


@ShivHanu - aaikaq
@Abhi93 - i1w3hx
@Rockstaa - 85626d

Please provide us with your sharing codes too Avengers.

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@MrXYZ - 7b48bd
@Martial_Beast - xatx66
@RoadToFreedom - 07tack

Celestials :crossed_swords: Avengers

Let’s do this :facepunch::facepunch::facepunch:


Hey y’all. I want to be on a team. I’m currently at a 5 day streak, so I would need to be the 0-15 day person on the team (longest streak: 11 days). Lmk know if you want to team up with me!



@aapoorv75, I relapsed before starting an official battle, so in this case our team (@Leandro_Rodrigues @TheWillToLive) can continue if we have two members between 0-15 days, or we have to make another team?


@aapoorv75 bro who is coordinating this group ?


Challenge is for how many days?

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Let the teams be build by the end of this week


Who wants to start a challange??

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Let’s go for 30 days…

What do you think guys?@Rockstaa @Abhi93 @ShivHanu @MrXYZ @Martial_Beast


Sure. Let’s do it. :star2::fire: @RoadToFreedom


How many people can you have on a team? I thought it was only 3…

@silax, do you want to start a team? I have to be the 0-15 day person. Lmk


Sure. But @aapoorv75 will start it officially? The scene is a bit chaotic for now


So the challenges are supposed to be like this:-
The highest streak member of the team will challenge the highest streak member of the other team and so on.
Maximum limit for high Streak challenge:- 90 days
Maximum limit for medium streak challenge:- 60 days
Maximum limit for Low streak challenge:-
30 days

First make a challenge to a team, then challenge opponents respectively.


The Three Amigos vs The Three Musketeers

@AnkitK vs @BruceLee (90 days)
@Invincible_Knight vs @exhander (45 days)
@KillerAttitude vs @aapoorv75 (15 days)

You can edit the number of days in brackets.