Challenge a companion


@alphamale5999 I challange you for 15 days. It’s Ok for you?


I accept my defeat. But this is not the end, I will get up again and will challenge you after my streak has reached 4 days. I accept your small challenge but be prepared for a greater one :wink:


Ya…sure.lets do this smaller one…for 4 days…:person_fencing:


what is march 11?
dont you want to start from today?


I am already in challengr with


Kk update in scoreboard


I’m waiting your reply for challenge :fries::smile:


@weir… I compete for 30 days to @BruceLee .
update in the scoreboard…
@BruceLee Are you ready??


@NEW_CHALLENGER I thought that you were already tied into a match with miguelangel.povedasanchez from march 11th. Besides that, I think @BruceLee 's message was meant for me😅, wasn’t it?


@Aoshigreen I challenge you throughout Lent until Palm Sunday! That’s 36 days I think (Until April 14) Are you ready?


I just update in scoreboard my battle with @miguelangel.povedasanchez, that ended on march 3.


Oh yes, Thank you @srubio let’s do it my friend :blush::+1:


Let’s do it!! @Aoshigreen What is your Sharing code? Mine is 1b5335, Eddy21


:grin: Mine is 098993a
36 male :uk: btw


I’m 24, male, from Colombia and I will commit myself with all my strength in this duel :grin: @weir we have a challange!! @Aoshigreen and me will compete for 35 days until April 14.


Congratulation both @mohammadsohail663 & @MrXYZ


are you challenging @BruceLee or @MrXYZ ?



@srubio will take on @Aoshigreen
for 35 days

10 March 2019 to 14 April 2019


I would like to Challenge both… For 30 days


Finally the wait is over…
@MrXYZ my streak is 10 days so
I would be happy if you like to challenge me for 40 days
My victory will be with the 50 days streak :slightly_smiling_face:
Otherwise you can choose days by your capacity :+1: