Celibate until the age of 30 challenge

I’m am 18 years old and turning 19 in April. I plan on abstaining from all sexuality until the age of 30 to become closer to God and to be a good man. I am on Day 14 about to be day 15 soon. I will update every saturday.


I am 53 years old and I am still a virgin because I made the choice to remain a virgin and pure, I plan to abstain until the day I die.

Good to see you are choosing the life you desire.


Day 34.
I have more energy and a drive to improve and succeed. Social interactions are more fluid and natural. My life goals are more defined. The plan to get there is in motion. I will retire before the age of 25. I will become a United States Marine. I will continue to love God and honor him.

God Bless You.
Black Bear out.

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