Celibacy(Seamless Semen retention)

I am Captain Naruto from the hidden paradise. Once i was a energetic and dynamic guy… running for miles and studying for hours with a lot of potential, before i got into this trap. I was like every single one of you who entered into this trap unknowingly but when i thought of getting out then only i found out i was trapped. It’s been more than eight years since i entered this habit. First i was playfully doing this and i got a unexplained satisfaction so it made me do it whatever the situation is. And now after eight years, the habit is still with me but i lost myself… How pityful… The kid once dreamt of helping others has now become helpless. But i won’t stop trying to get my life and dream back because as long as i have breathe it’s not over yet. No matter how many times i may fail i will keep on trying. One day i will become the man i dreamt of… No matter what💯

We have to get rid of this addiction not for days and weeks. It should be for lifetime. We have only one life just don’t waste it for a miserable habit.

Does anyone want to join me in this journey?


This day has to be from now…

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True brother it will be from now…

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Hello buddies
Anyone willing to join me?