Can't sleep at night? TRY THIS TRICK 😴😴

I have a solution for those sleeping problem that some you are experiencing here , I saw it on YouTube it works on me. So u can try.

While going to sleep our brain processes different waves of sound…and to fell asleep our brain needs a calm sound waves…
So whenever u r in bed don’t think of any conversations or a song or a video basically no noise. Just think of a calm sound or tune or even a long beeeeeeeepp will do the work and if u don’t know any of those sound , search on YouTube for meditation music or white noise. And try to remember these noise as it calm your brain waves. It’s easy there are no lyrics or rhythm here. I recommend listing to calm meditation music before going to sleep for 5 mins , it will do the trick. You will open your eyes in the morning before you know it!

P.s some of u already know it , avoid using phone or laptops in low lights before 1 hour of going to sleep. The blue light avoids falling asleep