Cant maintain erection

Hello everyone.
I just married for 45 days and my age 33yo, before i know about pied problem, i always do PMO from age 14yo and watching amateur porn (nothing hardcore). After married, i relize that i cant maintain the erection during foreply and i think that i should rewire from PMO and it takes about 30days (based on what i read).

I strictly stop porn, masturbate and orgasm for more than 40days. During the period, just do kissing, cuddling with my wife and during the rewired process i can fell that my penis erect 100% and can sustain about half and hour. This happen between first 10-20 days without any PMO.

After complete 30days, i think that my problem had cure and rewired had done and i want have sex with my wife. But the problem is that now my penis cant sustain erection or 100% hard like before during rewired process. I cant penetrate my wife and the erection just 50% hard. This make me lost my confidence and feel ashamed. It seems that im not completely rewired. What should i do? Should i take any medicine like cialis to have sex with my wife? And same time continue my PMO stopping process…, thanks.


Before telling you the solution i want to share with you my story related to this issue.
The story goes like this…

Before marriage i had the same problem as yours. My penis used to become flacid when inside a women. Just 6 months before my marriage i discovered nofap and i started it but never achieved more than 30 days of streak. Then, comes the day of marriage. On that day my streak was 14 days hard mode. On first night of my marriage we had sex… she was a virgin. Because of the pain we stoped that night.
Next night we did sex for continously for 4 hours without ejaculation. She had her first orgasm that day. Then we did regular sex for a week. The average time during sex was 3 hours. I used to change the position without taking out of penis. My penis didnt even lose its hardness after 4 hours. It was hard like diamond and ready to tear anything apart.
Due to the vigrous sex my glans was sore due to a lot of friction. I went to doctor and it gets treatment. After that incident we started to do sex for just an hour.

Sex is totaly different from porn my dear friend. There is no hurry in real life. Do it slowly. Breathe , kiss your wife during sex. Chat with her. Change position. Dont make it as a 100m race. Love her with passion & feeling.

Solution to your problem :pill:
Become a celibate for 14 days. Do sex on 15th day. You will tear apart your women pussy.
I think you just need your feelings back. For that go porn free life



I had face similar issues. It is because of PIED. Everyone is different so different reboot time is required. Sometime I get revovered in weeks , sometime 90 days. Dont get stressed , take it slow. You have to teach yoir mind and body to get aroused on real
touch of women not ur hand then you will get back your erection

Thanks for the reply and advice friends. I also think that my body not fully rewired even the first 10-20 days it look that everything had been normal. But the problem happen again between 30-40 days after stop PMO. Anyway, i will keep avoid from porn for the rest of my life (hopefully) and been healthy from pied…

Another thing i noticed that i got solid morning wood (100% hard), but after i wake up from sleep its suddenly lost the erection and became flacid before been totally without erection. I think its nit about physical but maybe Psychological in my brain… Can anybody give some advice regarding this situation… Thanks all friends and hope i can win with this battle in my life…

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Do Excercise regularly.
Dont smoke & drugs.

It will increase blood flow in your legs.

If you stay away from porn you should get better. Avoid masturbating or having fantasies.

Like @Resurrection said exercise regularly.

If you are going to have sex don’t wait too long for intercourse. Get to it quickly after foreplay.

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My sexual life is fantastic I reached orgasm when sex. But in next day I feel social anxiety and less confidence what to do… Please suggest. I never watched porn or masturbation since 1 year or more than that.