Can't Fight Urges

I am on a really sad part of my rewire journey. I am not able to achieve even 30 days of nofap. My highest streak in 2019 is 13 days. The most irritating thing is whenever I am alone at my house, I feel urges which I believe I can fight but I end up fapping again. I don’t even wait for a minute to think about my streak and if I do I usually give in to the promise of instant pleasure. I remember my first streak of 54 days, I want to achieve that number again.

Well to summarise, nofap is a journey of ups and downs, and I’m on the down side of my graph.

Name : Agrim Puriya
Age : 15
Sharing Code : 497so9
Current streak : 0
Highest streak : 54



Agrim, don’t be too hard on yourself, you’re 15! I can tell you that there’s grown men in these forums who lack the will power to make it to 13 or 54 days! The fact that you’re even aware of NF at 15 honestly amazes me.

You’re destined for great things, just keep trying and I’m certain you’ll reach your goal. It’s OK to fail, that is how we learn.

Keep up the good work my young brother!


Atleast you know what is best for you… surely one day you will acquire the courage to make it happen.

You are 15 … You are the luckiest person on this planet. I envy you… because You know the one thing that is so important right now in this world. While the world is full of misery and pain. You have the perfect oppurtunity to LEAD this army of hopeless people.


Thank you @courageous and @BenX


Bro keep calm… Keep your mind with you

I envy your wisdom at this age. Sometimes I wish that I knew about nofap in my teens.
You know your destination. Study about your relapse psychology. Work out the loopholes. Identify your triggers. AND THEN RISE UP.


Agreed 100% im 40 and still battling. I wish i had this support app back then.