Can you help me?!

Hi everybody! Can you tell me a app which can “prevent uninstalling of Apps” i am continuously deleting blockerX and Fapping.

I cannot use BlockerX feature because i am using Mod, Can any body help me?

Step:1:- logout your Google account from your device.
Step:2:- Delete all social apps like Facebook,Instagram,Reddit,Quora,etc.and apps that can expose you to any type of porn.
step:3:- Create a child account on google and make your trusted friend’s account your parenting account.
step:4:- While creating the account do not turn off the options that will save you from porn.
step:5:- While reviewing apps during creating the account; remove chrome and pre installed browser from your device as well as all the pre installed apps that can expose you to porn.
step:6:- make family manager your device administrator.
step:7:-Download spin browser and disable play store.
result:- You have protected yourself from porn without any porn blocker.
Enjoy yorself as porn free you.
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First you have to decide whether you want to be on this journey or not. If you want to be then there are ways to overcome your urges just like there are ways to trigger those urges.


Well, this might not work all the time. Our minds are not motivated 24/7,unless it’s on coke lol. Blocking the access is the first step to the progress. Not the kind of blocking that would be bypassed. But a more strict one.

Now regarding a good po#n blocker

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Delusions of grandeur. Best of luck with the blockers.

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you can’t man, you can’t keep everything away from you…may be you uninstall social, use blockers but all those things won’t work for long term.

You hv to learn to say NO to every urge you get
You hv to make your will power stronger thn ever
You have to commit to yourself
You hv to purify your mind while seeing any female in real or at social sites

Make you mind stronger, never think “this one will be the last time”

never touch your fking d*ck

Stop making excuses, and fight against yourself.

Work on building a better future for yourself, wife, family, children. Don’t think about nofap all day, it will eventually trigger you.

Instead of thinking how to stop this addiction, think what you should do to make your life better. Don’t think about this bullshit.

Be a man that you want to be, fuck porn.


This is the best idea but i have to work on that a little bit. Thx buddy.

Your reasons for not doing it have to be stronger than your urges. If it isn’t truth and you relapses all the time you really dont want to stop it becouse your actions of faping and fantasizing telling the truth. Work on your reasons and you won’t need any blocker. You are Adult man.

Well, thanks. Matter of fact, there were several instances where I got triggered and tried to went back to P, but the few minutes/seconds I got when tried to bypass the restrictions. Those minutes give me time to rethink into a retrospective and by God’s grace (Alhumdulilah)a voice came inside me that said “NO, It’s not worth it”. So blocking does works for me. I believe it would work for someone else as well. However, you need to make sure that you keep avoiding triggers all the time in the first place.

I’ve used blocked X. It is really bad. It only wants you. You can uninstall in seconds. Not recommended.

Blockers do work but they are just short term temporary solutions. I am not saying but a day may come when they can’t save you from relapsing. When I say filter your mind , I am pointing towards meditation. That is the long term permanent solution that can cut the urges from the root. Believe me when I say that without yoga and meditation you can’t stay for long on the path.