Can we have Sex on no fap

I am on day 59. I have 2 questions

  1. i edged today, does it affects my journey and hamper the rewiring process in brain ? Can we count it as a relapse ? If i relapse will my whole progress will be gone ?

  2. can i have sex while on no fap journey ?

  1. Edging on watching porn? Yes that’s a relapse. You don’t lose your progress, you are getting stronger each time you can go without pmo. Sure, you might go back to day 0, but you made it to day 59 before, so you can do it again AND more!
  2. Sure yea, have sex! Enjoy the real connection.

1.if you just opened porn .you relapsed bro…
2. Depends upon which type of mode you are doing…like easy mode,hard ,monk mode…
In monk mode you can’t allow sex…
IN MY OPINION IF YOU ARE A VERY VERY ADDICTED PERSON.THEN DONT DO 2 to 3 months you will see better results…it boosts your rewire…


Ok thanks bro .
Btw what do you mean you moght go back to 0 progress ? So all progress will be lost now ?

Ok bro thank . I think i am going with hard mode .

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Should i reset my streak now :thinking::no_mouth:?
I have reached 60 days now !


Don’t reset no dont , keep going but don’t watxh porn

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You decide for yourself, you know well enough deep down whether you relapsed or not. You dont need strangers on the internet to tell you otherwise.
Ask yourself what is more important, a fictional day count or being true to yourself.