Can we ever REWIRE completely? Decoding nofap!

For all the brothers, do you really think our brain will ever REWIRE itself?

At a later stage in nofap, will we ever NOT
think or fantasize about women,
be aroused at skin show,
gaze at something tempting or
try to peek into bodies which ethically we shouldn’t?

I genuinely wish to know how will my progress influence my thought process?
If given a chance at peeking outta the window into something tempting, what will my brain tell me?

Will I honestly become innocent again or will I gain enough willpower to not become bad?
Will it always be about the motivation and the willpower then?

Being on nofap, will we acquire a new set of ethical values?

If we do, no-fap is really much more than it claims!
It is like a fresh breath of life.
Joining code- jqacun

Request to all with good streaks- Please DECODE Nofap for me! Please comment!!
Once we truly get the science and psychology behind it, we will surely succeed.

For me this isn’t about not feeling temptation, it’s not about not looking at a hot woman or feeling turned on by some skin on show in the right places. For me it’s about what I choose to do about those situations and how I respond to those feelings. It’s about gaining more self control and using those feelings in the right way, in the right moments and not taking the easy way out every time by reverting back to jerking off each time.


@jonny05 that’s well explained man. Thanks for this. It does boils down to our own little goals we do this for.


Don’t get me wrong, it’s not easy! I have only just joined the app and I’m working through day 2 of my streak but what I said above is definitely my aim and the mentality I have to try and aim for success.

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