Can Sprituality Help In This Journey?

How can sprituality can help if anyone have experience can tell.


No, I don’t think so. But may be it can. But it didn’t helped me. It will be according to the individual.

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Well brother, as for me as a muslim, i feel enormous strength when i believe that Allah can get me out of this.

You can give it a try.

I believe in the below verse and it is helping me. Utall depends on the hope we have in God without any hesitancy.

As it is mentioned in Quran that,
“If Allah should aid you, no one can overcome you; but if He should forsake you, who is there that can aid you after Him? And upon Allah let the believers rely.”


“Devil write down your bad decizions and tells God about them”
Devil is a good teacher, but ruthless
Find what works for you. You can try mindfull meditation

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Alright I’m a Christian so I’m about to ramble, and in the midst of typing this I’ll learn tons more about myself, “and it will be difficult for me to express and it will be a total waste of time for you, but not for me” -Andrew Garfield

Lol, anyways. Yes, absolutely it can help!

Agree to disagree on that… Now first lets answer this question just because I asked this question during my spiritual walk with God.

Can I Beat This Addiction WITHOUT God?
I’ve been there done that, and the honest short answer is you can’t breath without God. It’s His choice to allow you to keep going. Not by our natural healthy bodies. He could strike us dead at any moment, but he chose not to so He sent His Son. So even if the non-spiritual people that have beat this addiction weren’t actively praying or worshipping; God was still the reason. Because maybe that person will inspire a Christian to do better.

So with that in mind let me answer your question:
YES! You can’t see oxygen, but you can’t live without it, you can’t feel an idea yet it still works, you can’t see the blessings around you but they’re there. The spirit of God is always helping whether you see it/believe it or not.

There’s a lot more to this, but as I said at the top it’s hard to express. Anyways, hope this helps!


Now yes in this case of PMO the battle of flesh and blood is very real to try and overcome it but i believe the battle is also spiritually. We all know that PMO is bad hopefully in our hearts and minds yet when we look at a girl as a sex object or fantasize its lust a sin. Our mind is powerful yet complex and some days nasty thoughts, sexual or not enter our minds. Our minds are constantly at a spiritual fight Good vs Bad. That’s why if a person is pure, does all the right things to fight against PMO he/she will still have the occasion bad thought. Why?

  1. the world and everything in it is corrupt as in imperfect
  2. As long as you have oxygen in your lungs the devil will always be there but that doesn’t mean God won’t help you

Anyways coming back to the question yes believing in God helps a lot because to fight spiritually you gotta be spiritual. You can’t fight evil with words or willpower. I mean you can but probably you can’t keep it up forever. It’s only through God that he saves you.
At the end of the day when fighting this you have to answer this question…
When all else fails (family member die, depression, rejection etc) who do you turn to? What is your HOPE.
Because the tricky thing with hope to a non believer is its temporary as they find hope in this imperfect world.
For example:
You had the courage to finally ask a girl out knowing you been together for years and you think she loves you only to find out that she dumped you for another guy.
Now you could bring defense walls up , go home and just isolate yourself from everyone
You find comfort with telling your family. Your family is your hope when things go wrong.

The problem with this is your parents are humans too which means

  1. there views and opinions change which could be confusing in difficult times
  2. They don’t know all the answers. WHAT?? u say lol some time in our lives we thought our parents knew everything like Mr Google until we grew up.
  3. They are busy, have their own problem not saying they don’t help but sometimes u can’t always go to them if they are busy and all
    Basically finding hope in this world is temporary but having hope in God, a being that never changes his views, a being that always has time for you 24/7 and a being that knows EVERYTHING.
    You can’t beat that my friend
    H.O.P.E = Hold On Pain Ends

Amen to that @ChristianMan lol PREACH IT BROTHER :raised_hands:


@ChristianMan I’m also a Christian. I go to church, and read bible also. But Human mind and huaman strength is controlled by ourselves. Let me ask you a question, Do you beleive in ghost (the bad guy or Satan)? In ancient times, 99% of population was unable to access education and the fact is there wasn’t available any educational steps. The novelists, fictional writers etc did a great job in the production of a god. If god exists, why there a ton of god exists? A god for Christians, one for other etc etc.

Let me ask you another question,do bible or any spiritual books give any information about space, Jupiter mars and other plantes. There are alot of galaxys and many planets are there like earth. Why god forgotten to add them it in the bible. Bible and other spiritual books, all are human creations including God and Ghost. Like marvel, they create superheros and super villains. Villains exploit the people and everything, at last superheroes save everyone fron the the bad guy. That’s main theme in this. In ancient times, people don’t have common senses or any basic knowledges, the olden spiritual people and nobles used them as a toy for their profit.
Let me give you an example.

1.A guy studied well for exams and he attended it well,and passed in that.

2.Second guy studied well for exams and gone to church and prayed. Then he attended exams and got passed.

Here both guys studied well and passed in it. First guy says that, he got passed due to his effort
Second guy says that, he got passed due to prescence of god in his exams

So Beleiving in god is not a bad thing, it’s a good process to get rid of this type of addictions and to get away from bad things in the world. But god is not the responsible one to escape you from this addiction. Is God is the responsible guy for your entry in this addiction? You can believe in God or not, I haven’t the right to refuse you…

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Here are some points that i believe. This is not to offend or say right or wrong but just to give food for thought @Djalan

That’s the free will bit in ourselves but no matter what God is in control. We don’t know why God does what he does sometimes but when he makes something happen it’s called a miracle

I haven’t read the entire Bible to an extreme length but If this is the case maybe it’s just not important and i mean the Bible is suppose to be a manual a guide for mankind and mankind don’t live in space. Maybe he doesn’t want people like Musk to build rockets to Mars to live there.

A lot of this stuff is confusing like you been watching too many movies but either way the Bible despite everything is the GREATEST LOVE STORY EVER. Humans sin and do wrong Jesus comes to save man so that we can go to heaven.

I disagree think of it like this way Heaven = Good Hell = Bad Earth is a mix of both. You can’t have Good without God. Without God on Earth this would be hell right now. As a Christian we know that despite everything we are truly fighting a spiritual fight in EVERYTHING including addiction

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Very nicely written :cowboy_hat_face:
Impressive :+1:


I agree with that, but alot of confusions and logical thoughts are still unrefusable. I’m not anti Christian or anti jesus guy :sweat_smile:. I love jesus, Christianity and other religions too… I respect them. But lot of loop holes and logical confusions are still there. I beleive that, the main purpose of this spiritual steps is to make a good community and population having good moral values and don’t to get in the bad things of world. 99% religions teaches us to live in a good manner and some good values, etc.

But you didn’t quote any answers to this… :sweat_smile:

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I didn’t want to keep quoting as it’s not my impression to look at all the problems as we are Christians in terms of other religions and people we should be supportive of ourselves. There is a time and a place to discuss each other Christian values but this place where is open is not one of them. Life is already harder and seeking and solving problems is a prime example for non believers or others find “plot holes” because let’s be honest we don’t know everything that’s why it’s called a leap of faith.
Christianity to me is not a religion.
In short
Religion = set of rules to put it basically
Christianity = a relationship


Me and @ChristianMan are just preaching here :raised_hands: hehe AMEN :pray:


@Mitchy and I’m not done preaching yet lol. I’m trying to write out some answers for a few questions DJAlan had.


STRAIGHT FACTS MY GUY!!! AMEN!!! :pray::pray::pray::pray:


Spirituality can absolutely help. There are many tecniques given which would stop the sexual urge. Many religions had varoius tecniques. Maybe if you want, I could share them later… And they are very easy to do…


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