Can someone help me with this question?

Hey guys, can you help me with this question below.

What is edging?

I hear this everywhere but I have no idea what this is. So if anyone could explain this to me, it would be helpful.


Basically, it’s when you are masturbating and you reach climax but you prevent yourself from ejaculating by suddenly not masturbating at that orgasm moment.


People repeat this on and on and it’s the WORST thing you can do to your brain. PH is made that you can access multiple women in 10 minutes than your ancestors did in their whole lifetime!

That is why the addiction cycle begins because your brain is just not used to the overload of sex and pleasure.


Perhaps someone can elaborate further as I need to go university now​:joy::joy:


It’s simple. Edging is basically jerking off but not all the way through. You just do it, but when you know you are about to bust a nut, you stop, or prior to it. There is no rule as such. Even one stroke of your dong is technically edging


@Aventador_03 @GOVIND-19 Thank you for answering the question. Basically I had no idea what this was as I used to see some users saying I edged etc.

Btw, I am very happy I have never ever edged once in my life.

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