Can Someone guide me to Brahmacharya philosophy

Can anyone guide me to Brahmacharya philosophy. It is Precursor and ancient then this New No Fap concept.
Actually I need to get to change my perspective towards Urges.
I also heard that Brahmacharya was much mature concept than Nofap given its backing with spiritual practices.

Yogi’s used to practice BRAHAMCHARYA while staying on their spiritual path because it accelerates the whole process. Saving the semen can give you tremendous benefits mentally, physically, and spiritually. It is one of the rules of PATANJALI. It will help you to awaken your kundalini.
I have been practicing Brahmacharya for the past 7 years and I do meditation, pranayam, and yoga on daily basis. Practicing BANDHA’s or ashwini mudra is a must because it helps to raise your sexual energy upwards to the crown chakra. I have discussed ashwini mudra in this video.ASHWINI mudra

In english - ASHWINI MUDRA. Your BEST friend on NOFAP journey. #nofap #semenretention - YouTube


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