Can someone gave me tips and tricks to fight urges in stressful and unmotivated days?

I had try stop PMO alone before, I notice I will easily give in to my desire and urge if the triggers is stress.Sometimes stress cannot be avoid so is there any tips and tricks to get through those day?

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Stress is bound to happen in our lives and so does urges. We can try to live in a controlled environment or we can try to manage stress and urges better.

For stress i am not a master , what i do is to get out of a stressful environment for a moment take deep breaths and than when feel ok ; i go back to the same environment and try to deal with it.

For urges i get into plank position and usually the erection fades away.

To understand myself better i read emotional intelligence by daniel goleman and for fapping i read 6 years clean by siting eagle.

Hope it helps

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I had a similar situation as you before brother, it is indeed easy to relapse under stress. Not gonna lie, the cycle is hard to break. Try breaking that cycle slowly, for example, 21 days just to build up that habit of not depending on PMO to endure/release stress. Rather it is ironic since PMO will bring bad effects which will cause more stress.

I suggest knowing all the bad effects of PMO. The idea of releasing stress through PMO might seem attractive but the bad effects outweigh the benefit ( which is no stress for couple of minutes) then slipping back into depression or anxiety and so on.

After that, try methods that effectively helps with coping with stress, healthy and easy methods, don’t make it hard. Otherwise it’ll backfire and you’ll get more stressed. Deep breaths are good and basically just drinking water slowly also really helps.


Proper meditation, daily exercise .

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