Can someone clear this for me

What if your partner gave you a handjob does it count as relapse?

You set the rules for your own relapse. This question should not even come up bro.
Simple answer : no.
Proper answer : depends on you. :smile:


Well, technically speaking you didn’t have a natural sexual penatration and it does count as masterbation the only difference is instead of you doing it is done for you.

The only things I consider a non relapse is nightfalls or sex, not oral sex either as it counts as masterbation too in a sense.

Why do I consider sex as a non relapse well, it is how you are suppose to ejaculate it is what is designed for. To be dead technical. Nightfalls you can’t really predict when they happen and also it happens spontaneously.

Well, hopefully you’ll get the right answer but logically it is Masterbation so it is seen as a relapse.


If Oral sex is similiar to fap. Then, Why sex is not a Masturbation ?

The penis is rubbed inside pussy.
The penis is rubbed with lips.

There is vaginal fluids for lubrication.
There is saliva in mouth for lubrication.

A penis ejaculate in a oral sex.
A penis ejaculates during sex.

A Girl is doing it.
The same girl body is there.

Where is the difference ?

It is like I said sex is the way a guy is really actually ejaculate naturally and there is no fake senses such as experienced with porn and masterbation.

Technically what I am trying to say is putting your dick in the pussy is the only way to go. The mouth is not a real way to have sex it ain’t where a girl is designed to get pregnant if you really wanna get technical and her hand or for that matter having a vibrator is also not natural.
Oral sex isn’t normal sex as sex has a reproductive purpose and you can’t achieve this purpose like mentioned through her mouth, but by her pussy.

And also why I consider oral sex equal to masterbation is thus that with both these processes you are actually orgasming unpurposefully and it is a wasted orgasm as you ain’t orgasming to the way your are actually ment to orgasm. It is not about technical aspects like what’s the lube and yeah there an orgasm by all three, rather what is the end goal of your orgasm or the way, as purposefully or not.

Simple and that’s the difference