Can premature ejaculation be cured with nofap

can it be cured with workout and nofap
if someone experienced it plz talk here


I searched “premature” on the forum and came up with multiple topics. They all say yes. If you want to read more about it try the search. I’d give my opinion here, but I don’t know enough about this to give any advice.
Best of luck!

I have no idea bro… same doubt here. Just posting this here so I can see what others have to say

@adulrakha do you experience it

while in my opinion
it is porn induced because porn causes our dopamine to spike very quickly that we reach orgasm suddenly .
but in a real women it ll be fine.
but i suggest kegels and squats
and abstain from pmo .
this ll cure premature .
however there is no medications
except anti depressants but they dont cure the root cause ,they just damp the symptoms and also cause ED

I don’t know actually. When I abstain from PMO for a bit long, I experience it when I relapse