Can performance anxiety cured my nofap?

I couldn’t get it up with a girl i was in love with due to pied ,desensitized (prone and later deathgrip) and performance anxiety too.this caused me to have anxiety when im with a woman. But now that i am on 53 days hardcore nofap i have a very sensitive penis… do you think this will help me in sex performance?

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Now… you have feelings. You can feel her touch.
Before You were a Zombie.


Hey man,

Sure it’ll be different, at least in this area. But pied or in general performance problems or problems with not getting it up can also be centered around your mind. If you don’t feel comfortable, or if you are for example completely programmed by porn only to be aroused by visual stuff you can still have difficulties. Best thing is to pay attention to those things while being with a woman and try to figure out what exactly seems to be the issue