Can pass day one. Need help. Anyone got any advice?

I don’t know if this is the right place but i need help. I’ve had longer streaks but now I cant progress. share code: c5face

I’m in the very similar situation like you now - I also had longer streaks, had it much more problematic recently. So if you wish to, we can try to go through and beat that together. Now I’m really VERY determined to be successful (or more successful than before).

  • Discipline

  • Focus on living your life

  • Learn with your fall, how to avoid it when it comes again

  • Don’t be just feel down too much because of this, just get up and go forward

  • Do not believe in your willpower, believe in discipline

  • Always remind yourself why you are doing this, especially when your own mind will try to test you, remember that crap feeling and don’t fool yourself.

  • If you are fighting it, even if you fall, you are a good person because you are not happy with this. You want to change and you will change for better.

  • It is really worth, you know it!

  • When in trouble, remember to come here, we are on this together! :+1:


sharing code? so we can start a challenge

my code is cb3338