Can NoFap cure homosexuality?

To be clear, this is not a political post, I am not going to discuss social issues related to the LGBT community. This thread focuses on porn addiction, it’s consequences and how to reverse them.

As we know or experienced, porn addiction often causes the development of different fetishes. As we dive deeper and deeper into the porn rabbit hole, our tastes often get more extreme. That happens because the genres that we used to watch no longer satisfy our addiction.

Unfortunately, I (M, 18. Started watching porn at 14) am no exception to the abovementioned. I have developed multiple fetishes (I am not going to mention them for the sake of reader’s comfort), one of them is homosexuality. I was and still am attracted to women, but I feel like porn shifted my sexual orientation (which I do not like at all, we’ll get into that later). It all started 1-2 years into my “masturbation career” when I decided to see the “other side” of PornHub. At first, I did not find any pleasure in watching those videos, but this changed as the time went by. I wanted something more extreme or interesting and at some point watching homosexual porn videos became nothing out of the ordinary.

The interesting part, is that most of the times I did not feel any attractions to men in real life. This changed however during the times when my porn addiction became more severe. I started fantasising about men and stuff like that, I’m not gonna get into detail.
For the past several I’ve been experiencing periods with and without homosexual feelings. I’m interested wether I can cure my homosexuality with NoFap, because my “homosexuality” seems more like sexual degeneracy and immorality rather than actual attraction to the same sex. I don’t believe I am actually attracted to men, but rather to the images on the screen, that is why I do not want to identify myself with the gay/bi/whatever community.

What do you think? Is it possible to undo the damage and rewire my brain into being fully straight?


What the F :flushed::flushed::flushed:?

Try it and you will find it Insha Allah


Well, I have a feeling that most men, just like most woman, are more or less bissexual. This terms we use in society are really labels that make us confused - heterossexual, homossexual, etc. These things aren’t a good depiction of human sexuality. It’s more like a gradient of colors, everybody is in some shade of grey, where the extremes are strictly heterossexual and homossexual.

I say that to try to show that maybe you should change your focus. You don’t have to identify to any labels, as you said you didn’t want, but you also don’t have to keep fighting it. What you should really focus on is stopping watching porn. Then you can observe the changes it will do your body, mind and libido. Don’t fight it, just observe - just like in meditation.

It would be of imense value if you keep updating us on your journey. I hope everything goes well for you.


Nofap cannot cure homosexuality but yes if you were not like this before than it is a sign of disturbance in mind due to pmo. Try going for long streaks , if this stops then it means you are ok.
(This happened to many addicts, you can read old posts here)


You have answered this yourself.
As you mentioned, it was after watching some homosexual videos that you felt those urges. Initially, your brain found those videos very wrong and triggering and thus got the dopamine rush from them, but once your brain got desensitized (as it always done) you stopped feeling so rewarded and besides the porn habit there was the additional battle of homosexuality.

And yes, it is possible to rewire yourself and get back on track, my guy. Work at this, you got it :blue_heart:


You are not a homossexual. Porn induced this fantasy on you. If you stop porn and masturbation, you will find your true sexuality. I don’t remember, but its name I think is HOCD. Porn kill our sensitivity to pleasure. So we need to go to more extreme kinds of porn, like homosexuality. But if you do the reboot, it fades away.


Homosexual behaviour is the thing that is developed by a person these are feelings that comes to a particular person about same sex and love towards same sex .but god didn’t made a person homosexual he only made male and female and afterwards its a person soul choice whether is agree with the sex that is given by god or not so just be what u want and these kind of things are just myth

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Thanks guys, I appreciate the answers, they gave me a motivation boost.

God, every single day my hate towards the porn industry grows stronger.


Hey bro
Couple replies totally wrong ,biased, extreme -_-

I think, if you have a potential of being attracted to X and/or Y, then porn can strengthen these attractions, in this case no-pmo will balance things back, as in less attraction to one of those X/Y, to the point that maybe you won’t feel it anymore, but the attraction itself will be there even if it’s not strong.

I’m attracted to guys, not to girls, never felt something for a girl, no-pmo help me beat the lust, attraction will be there, but I’ll be cleaner, pure.

I think ‘no pmo’ will give you what you’re seeking


Bro what are you sayin is unnatural.


If you mean about my reply, I don’t agree with you man

Brother talking about this topic(homosexuality) is not worth it with you since I have told you before and @ChristianMan as well

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Be careful because homosexuals do not enter the kingdom of God. You better kill your flesh and correct your way like a man.

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Ah, I see. My bad for not understanding. I feel like you’re being a bit harsh on these guys though. We don’t have to agree with them, but we don’t need to shove that down their throats. We’ve made our point clear that we don’t agree with homosexuality, but it’s their choice whether they go down that path whether we like it or not. You can’t force someone to quit being homosexual. I tried that, and I regret it deeply. We can’t change people, and if you didn’t know that before then know it now.


I know. I am going to work on myself.

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Hey buddy just calm down a bit its not about who is right or wrong u cant just point out to someone and say that he/she is wrong u r just telling ur own experience and by just ur telling that thing. But i still respect ur observation but this topic is of its own nature it is something b/w white and black (grey) so just love urself :heart:


Yea man
I didn’t point to anyone that he’s right or wrong

I didn’t come to anyone and told him," you are wrong and you’re right

I started sharing my experience by saying

I just replied to a person said specific I’m wrong,
I said I don’t agree
And that was that.

Anyways, I wrote down my opinion as you wrote your opinion, we don’t have to agree.

Peace brother

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Yea as i said respecting ur opinion :v::+1:t2:


This is not about the topic but it’s really sad to see that many people use religion to be against homossexuality, and even saying it’s wrong. Homossexuality is not an option. There are people who are homossexual, there are people that are bissexual. Human sexuality come in many forms and it’s not fixed.

You can be nice and accept people as they are, or you can be part of the problem trying to impose it’s wrong or something like that.

Let’s respect each other. People are different from one another and your religion should teach you that you should love your neighbor, not to hate people for what they are and things they can’t choose.


Here’s my personal opinion:

Well, homosexuality can be considered sexual immorality or a fetish. And as my personal experience
(and the experience of many other people) shows, homosexuality is often caused by porn addiction. Also, if you take a look at the statistics, homosexuals have a much higher rate of HIV and homosexual marriege last much shorter than heterosexual marriage. This tells us, that a lot homosexuals are obsessed with sex (and this can also be seen during pride parades). But just like many people from the replies said, sexual immorality can be cured by “being less horny” and not addicted to sexual pleasure. From that we can safely conclude that in a lot of cases homosexuality is a choice.
Just to clarify, I’m not attacking anybody and I’m not talking about all homosexuals. I’m not saying that we shouldn’t accept certain groups and etc. I respect everyone’s opinion.