Can No PMO cause PE?

I relapsed 3 days back and while I was masturbating, I was over in less than a minute for all the 3 times I fapped
This had never been the case when I was a hardcore fapper, 4 months back
I have a fear that Nofap might cause Premature Ejaculation
I’ve seriously started Nofap just 4 months back, amd my highest is 28 days,although Whenever I relapse, I relapse very bad, fapping to around 4-5 times a day, and then again look for reboot.
Does my fear of PE have any basis, because it is a fear from personal experience
and even if Nofap does cause PE, can it be reversed when you finally get to having real sex?

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Sex and fapping are two completely different things. Sex should be an expression of love to the person you care the most about (focused toward someone other than yourself). Fapping is pure selfishness. I have come to see them in that light anyway. PE I think it’s a temporary thing. I have experienced it. Your body needs to get used to a new orgasm schedule that isn’t just based on you. There may be some PE initially but try new things with your spouse. Find the fun not just in orgasm but in sex. If it persists then seek help from a good sex therapist who shares your values. No fapping is hard but it’s worth it. I don’t think I’ll ever be completely free of it but there is nothing better than the feeling when it’s not in your life.

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Yesterday i did the same thing. I orgasmed 4 times by masturbating. Now i am back again on Reboot.
I too had ejaculation in very short time.

Yes, sex is very different to masturbation.
i have done sex continously for 4 hours and for days and nights continously for a week during my first week of marriage without ejaculation
I was on just 14 days of nofap streak that time. My goal at that time was to not have orgasm. Hence i was able to control my premature ejaculation because of my strong will power of not having orgasm.

sir i don’t have a spouse or a gf
I’m single!! :sweat_smile:
Although thanks for the reply

sex for 4 hours, this is too far-fetched!!
this is more than even a pornstar’s ability
did you take some drugs before having sex
this 4 hours sex is unimaginable,
would you care to tell about the secret of this legendary stamina of yours
and what is sex if you didn’t orgasm, I think you had a dry orgasm, non ejaculatory, otherwise you couldn’t stop having sex, sex stops only when you near orgasm (when you are controlling it) and completely stops when you actually orgasm(when you let go)

No i didnt take any drugs.

I did Hard Mode for 14 days before sex.
My Goal was to not have orgasm Only Reason that i last for 4 hrs. I could have done more but As The Sun was Up, i had to go.

Its called Kareeza.

You have no idea bro. What Real Control is.

I did Hard Mode for 14 days before sex.
My Goal was to not have orgasm Only Reason that i last for 4 hrs. I could have done more but As The Sun was Up, i had to go.

what exactly is hard mode? (no porn Masturbation and orgasm only, or something more too?)
so when do you willingly stop while doing kareeza??

I really don’t have an idea of control, I admit, that’s why I want to learn, although i’ve my best streak as 30 but still I don’t feel the control.

Hard Mode is Control over Sexual Desire. Hard Mode is like Celibacy.

When my woman become fully satisfied.

ohh okay
this kareeza is something new
is it same as like tantric sex??

Yes; it is similiar to Tantra Sex.

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@anon66785751 I just want to point out that if you have so much control that you can have sex for 4 hours straight, perhaps you could take some of that control and use it not to fap, just a thought.

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I just experienced that again this weekend. It happened to me too.
I had sex with my girlfriend and came after something like 1min both times.
I explain it as my penis getting more sensitive again. Imagine, you are used to rubbing your dick for hours. That definitely means that you will loose sensitivity by doing that because the body will remove some nerve cells or the same amount of cells just fire less.

I guess that if we get accustomed to that new sensitivity, we will also get back to a normal duration.

That is also the very typical behavior. After the relapse your counter is on 0, your moral is on 0 and the energy is low. Often people start bing-watching after a relapse

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I had that control; its gone now.
I will Regain the control. Thats what i am after everyday.
DAY 2nd completed cheers.