Can I win this by myself?

For two years or more I have been struggling with this and I only have myself to blame and no one else because I am the one who watched it a long time ago and now I fear that I will die tomorrow. I fear that I will die and not have the chance to redeem myself and I will be sent to hell. I have a good life. I have everything I can ask for. yet I can’t control myself. I fear death and I envy my dumbass younger self and I wish I died before I ever watched porn. I can’t tell my parents or siblings about this as they wouldn’t look at me the same way ever again. they would only look at me with eyes filled with disgust. everyone thinks I am a good boy and I am in fact the golden child ( at least that’s what I think) and no matter how much I complain and whine, this won’t change the fact that I sin intentionally. I really wish I can stop but I don’t have that strong will. I need someone to gag and lock me up while tieing my hands and that might not even work. I am still young and in my prime but I already ruined everything and lost the afterlife.


True. But if you’re going to be negative like this then you’ll never get out of this chain.

Then it’s your time. Spend every moment like it’s your last with God. Spend the next week working on your life with God. He has everything you need. Also QUIT FOCUSING ON TOMORROW!!! TOMORROW MEANS NOTHING!!! Focus in the now! If you keep looking in front of you then you’ll trip on the branches below you aight?



Dude. I feel this. I feel this hard. The want to tell your parents and loved ones vs how they’ll feel after is a kick in the groin. I almost cried thinking about this two days ago. It may look like life after telling people is garbage, but it’s better to just let it all out. Satan works best in the dark. Put it in the light and he can’t touch you.

Same. I told a friend at school and he was shocked…



Look I feel you. I really do. Don’t lose hope. I’ll be your accountability partner here. I will help you get out of this hole aight? Anything you need please don’t hesitate to let me know.


Hey bro, don’t despair we are here for you! But a short answer, by yourself you can’t win, together with others you can!

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I can understand but first i will suggest you to change your username @hell_is_awaiting_me (What a negative name)

Everyone is sad in this world - Only the people happy who know who they are and they are happy from inside. Be clear with your inside.

Death is truth of life and everyone in this world who came here will go back. No one will stay there. Thus you don’t need to worry about the death.
There were a lot of Kings, Sant Mahatma who couldn’t live here so how you can. You don’t be afraid from death because it is certain and if you worry about future so how can you live in present hence your present will become like hell.

Leave all the negativity and live your life happier.

If there is a real happiness, that is in the name of God. Everyone should spend 2 to 5 hours in meditation.


I suggest you try there are strict mode where you can block app and you cannot undo the rules. Try manage your mood step by step. Start simple next reguler and then winner.

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First of all God forgive everyone who is willing to repent. The mere fact that you are doing your best not to sin, is a plus, not a minus.
Second, i really don’t know if we can win over this addiciton alone. I believe we need help, but i am not sure of that. I will try to explain my opinion which is only an opinion based my own observation and is not based on evidence. If we take the percentage of people who were able to get rid of this addiction alone without any help by just following their will, we can see that it is a very small number. I kept trying for 3 years to do that and it did not work. I know i was able to abstain from pmo for 107 days, and for 60 and 55 days and made a lot of progress, but i relapsed so many times. This year i decided to seek medical help from a profressional doctor. Currently i am on day 57. Everything is good now, although i faced a lot of problems in the beginning. Thank God i feel better now. I really don’t know how effective will this management be, but i will make sure to update you and keep you in the loop.

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I gave this suggestion somewhere else:

Stay away from devices.

Also check videos/read on how to stop fapping. Watch and learn what works for you.

“First of all God forgive everyone who is willing to repent. The mere fact that you are doing your best not to sin, is a plus, not a minus.”

Bro you need healthy mindset to be succesful at this journey. Some people develop healthy mindset during this journey. Some build a healthy mindset first then start this journey. I don’t know which one of these you will choose but healthy mindset is essential for this journey. Don’t forget this

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