Can i recover what i lost?

I m 22 yrs old now n running in 23 . Bt i dnt feel hrdness in penis , n i doubt tht tht i suffering from erectile disfunction
My parents said i hv tk marey at age 25 . If i do for nofap can it be recover wtever is lost…
Plz tell me i need ur help plzzzz…

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Hi dude, could you explain more? Do you ever get hard? Like of you watch porn does it get hard? Has it gotten hard ever before?
I had a problem with not getting hard, even with porn, for a while then it disappeared after a long streak of nofap

Yes i feel get hrd in past relapses…
I want my power back…

Maybe you on flatline,keep going bro :muscle::muscle:

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The good news about porn addiction is that all the damage can be reversed eventually. It takes time and effort, but the brain is a wonderful thing, and when you get clean, it will adapt.

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