Can I fap please?

I really want to release sperm. I literally can control no porn. My balls feels so big already, i iust want to release without porn. It’s been 11 days, i had sex on day 3 and 6 though. Should i or not? Give me a good and technical reason please im struggling

No dude never …do not release you sperm. At this time you will come to know about your mental strength. So keep busy yourself and do not go for fapping…go outside play games enjoy whether , spend time with your parents etc…


Hahaahahaha . :joy::joy::joy::smile::smile::smile: i thought i was a loser but thanks you steal that title from me. You are asking us like you are doing this for all of us. Hahahaahaha what a joke.
Thanks for making me laugh though. And secondly you are asking for a technical reason. Hahahahaa i am not a engineer though i will give you my prespective. Are you serious bro.
Dont fap. If you fap you would think afterwards that you flushed 10 days progress down the tiolet.
You cant afford to waste time. Time is a valuable currency. It requires atleast 14 days to make your system normal after you ejaculate. So think about it. Now or never. Loser or winner. Ur choice. Decide.


Okay but what should be my goal? 14 days? 30 days? 60? 365? I just feel lost.

First you have to answer my few questions.
Why are you doing nofap ?

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Reduce social anxiety to a very significant level and become more productive in self development and life in general. I think it’s because jacking of videos of women made me insecure of my ability to connect with girls in life and made me addicted to the ease and quickness of accessing of internet porn. I have big goals but I want to be sure that this nofap is actually going to HELP me achieve that and not cause unforeseen issues. I know im going to work hard with a lot of areas and I am but im getting distracted by what really is the foundation of nofap forever is. I watched this interview of a guy with 400 days+ of no fap on youtube. I was disappointed. The guy was totally unhygienic and unable to speak clearly. He was like a drunk or a weirdo in communicating his inner thoughts. I could speak better than him in terms of energy and speed. Are the high expectations of people here even real? How do I make nofap effective in assisting me in solving my insecurities and people skills. I want things to be planned and effective. Would appreciate your mature perspective on this. I appreciate your previous replies


Ok now i know why you are in this. I can help you further.
2nd question how long are you doing no fap, which mode are you doing , whats your longest streak so far ?

11 days so far and also longest which feels good. I do want to continue it but at the same time there’s this talk in my head. What you mean by mode? I allow sex to happen, but i love the women that i fuck. I dont fuck just for the body. I have realized more motivation to talk to girls recently and also increased standards overall. But i admit that sometimes that motivation is driven a lot by my balls wanting to release the load i guess its habit, but sometimes i feel like that motivation makes me feel alive and i forget about the urge for sex and just want to connect with women and consequentially with people in general. But right now i want to fucking bust the load :grin::grin::grin::grin:

Your answer explains it all mightymajor.
You are a beginner who wants to get things done quickly but let me tell you my friend,
These things dont get cured in just 10 days. TIME is what none of us dont have control.
Time is what you wants. Your system needs a time .
Basicaly after one ejaculation your hormones are disturbed by the dopamine hit and thus you feel agitated and not normal . It takes 2 - 3 weeks of time to have a normal system in your brain.
Now after this time you can choose if you want to be in this cycle or break the cycle and become free.
Free from your problems.
Choice is yours.


Is that 2-3 weeks a consensus and/or a scientific claim?

I might just continue doing nofap because of curiousity and fun. But im probably not doing it forever. But the addiction has to stop yes

Its my personal experience.

(also no scientific proof but a realistic view):
nofap won’t make a superhero out of you. You can’t run for president afterwards nor can you run a marathon just because you don’t fap.
One thing that you will see is that you will feel more balanced (i would say after about 4 weeks I got the major changes so far).

(this now is scientifically proven): Your brain currently adopted to the extremely high Dopamin rushes you experience while fapping and watching ■■■■. The receptors in the brain responsible for reward which is dominated by Dopamin are now so scares or weak that it is hard to feel real joy and reward in the everyday life since nothing gives you the Dopamin as ■■■■ does.

So, As Resurgent said time is needed. If you cut down the kick you get from ■■■■ your brain will readopt to the normal level. This process depends on how long you have been watching and at which age you started (takes longer if you are young).

Long story short, (again my opinion) you won’t look better, be a marathon runner or an awesome speaker just because you don’t fap. But you will feel more balanced, you will feel more joy in your life (thanks to lower Dopamin peaks) and hence you will try to improve your abilities. You will find time and energy to go out and train, to learn how to hold a talk or you will spend more time on your look. A champion is not born it is made!
So if you ask me, it is highly likely that this guy wasn’t “cured” of a ■■■■ addiction. He is just a guy who doesn’t allow him self to watch ■■■■.

With mode resurgent is referring to how you are doing your nofap. I feel like there are two groups here and I guess everyone has to find out for himself which one is the right way to go.
Resurgent and Adios are more on the hardmode. (no ■■■■, masturbation, edging, sex, taking cold showers, go and train and so on)
I personally are more on the mental health thing where I try to get clean by feeling better (still no ■■■■ and masturbation but I do have sex)

I can really recommend staying here. Look at different thoughts, read some diaries. you definitely will feel better. But it could take some weeks until you will start to see the change


But does NoFap increase women attraction?

my guess is that it does.

  • you feel more balanced which gives your appearence something more chill
  • you act less like a creep. you can look into her eyes, you don’t see them as object and they can feel that
  • higher self esteem leads to a different body language and better posture
  • more time to spend outside -> more time to meet women

Bro when you don’t fap; your facial glow increases.
Your blood flow increases.
Don’t fap for 1 week and see the magic :wink: