Can I change myself (journal) - 7 day goal (done)

I relapsed on 7th day
I am feeling low , no motivation , irritated, i thought I will at least reach the streak of 21
I don’t know what to do
What can I do more which I didn’t did this time
May be it’s because of stress due to exams

I wasted my 4 years ,my memory became blunt , I can’t talk to girls, anyone
I am disappointment
I have goals I wanna achieve them ,but what stopping me is mother fuker me ,PMO

My dopamine game is porn ,hentai , YouTube , game
I wasted my day’s , year’s all in trash

I started watching extremely violent porn and thought of doing them in real life comes too

I want to be Normal i don’t want to be pedophile
I imagine women’s near me naked having sex

I tried lot of times quitting PMO but falied every time

I decided to write journal and follow no fap religiously


All the best brother!


Day 1
Day was bad somehow I managed my urges
I did excessive jumps around 200-250 while fighting through urges
Wasn’t able to study even a hour but i
Now,its 12:10am of night :night_with_stars: I’m gonna study Hard
Full night
Will update tomorrow

If you are reading this is sign to continue your streak dont mess up like me ,you are champ ,it takes courage to do what we do realising our shit and polishing it


Day 4

In this streak i am surprised how fast first 4 days
Completed . I had few little ,they were manageable .i hope i will break my highest streak :7
Easily ( i m newbie) which is big thing for me

Things Need improvement

  1. My wake up routine sucks for now , i waste at least 3 hours from waking up to bath and it takes 45 minutes in bathroom ( i listen to songs,shit talk in mind etc)

  2. Study breaks : 5 minutes pomodoro breaks turns into 2hr hoezaay ghost stories

  3. Could not do meditation and exercise

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  1. days clean (need help)
    I am feeling strong urges . My last streak ended on 7th day itself . I dont know I can resist or not ,but surely i will try my best

Can anyone help me for 6th ,7th ,8th day I.
As zibam reaching my first milestone i am more anxious, thinking about no fap makes me less resistant towards no fap

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Stop thinking about urges. Think about your plan for te day and do all the points. Be proud about these achievement.


Thanks , i wasn’t able to reply then

Guess what, i survived brother today i am on my 11th day streak
Earlier my highest streak was 7 but this is new day ,new me

Focus on one day at a time. Don’t think too much about streak, but focus just for today. And do that every day, the streak will follow naturally. And think that real sex ≠ porn, in real sex there’s love, in porn there’s only domination, not love. Also think that women aren’t sex objects, they have feelings too, have personality too, we can be friends with them. Always remember your past relapse and think carefully before you act. Never relapse becau of the same reason. Recognize your trigger that can make you relapse and anticipate early. I want to share more but idk what to write at the moment. I’m on day 80 here and I’m sure you can do this too! Good luck and don’t forget to pray to God always.


I was on day 12th (H.S) but
Snap back to reality
I thought this time I’ll make it but i learned with every relapse i am more close to goal

Day 1).
After so many days i studied for around 7-8 hrs straight (with pomodoro breaks) due to rage as I relapsed on same day

Watched two films straight back to back

  1. Bridge to terabithia - i loved it, after long time I cried watching a movie .
  2. documentary - connected

But this need to be stopped coz my exams are near to month

Did workout including burpees and jumps



I got to know today! I have ADHD and thyroid. Due to which I suffered lot in studies , work, passion but back then I didn’t know why? OR somewhere i thought I am bad :sweat::sob:
I am on medication !
I am starting again!
Due to ADHD i naturally tend to change my interest
So i may not able to fill the journal for some days
But i wanna continue some things to increase consistency

Day 1
[ 8-9pm]