Can any one tell me how this forum works?

Hey I’m new here and it’s my 12 day
Can anyone tell me how to use this forum?


When you joined here you should have received a message from “discobot” open it from your notifications (which will be available under your profile) and it’s will give you a tutorial around this forum


Hi @zachayush

Welcome to the community! The forum is intended to help you in your nofap journey so that you have support while you are trying to achieve your desired goal. Basically, this forum is used for discussions where you can post your query, doubt, thought etc. going on in your mind and the rewire community will try to help you. The different post are arranged as per their categories and you can explore the various discussions taking place on a wide variety of subjects. @EvilMorty has already given an excellent advice to learn more about this forum.


Other member share his no fap journey and this is helpful to new member to motivate yourself…

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The application works as follows:
There is a “counter” in the first menu of the application which counts the number of days during which you have followed the rules of NoFap which are “no PMO” (no porn, no masturbation and no Orgasm). (If you have PMO, there is a thumbs down in the counter menu that allows you to “reset” your counter to 0)
To better succeed in this challenge, you also have a “companion” window where you can add people using their companion code (which you generally find on their profile on the forum here) that allows you for example to compare your score with them or then to look at where a person is located (how many days they lasted) to have motivation etc …

“The heat”, the trigger what?
The trigger, basically “trigger” is when you get the urge to PMO after seeing / hearing etc something pornographic / sexually explicit.

The point is that in NoFap you have to avoid at all costs reaching this initial “trigger” which causes a vicious spiral until reaching the “relapse” (the relapse is the act of PMO, basically you have lost the challenge). So to avoid this initial triggering I advise first of all to avoid social networks, to avoid media where there may be sexually explicit content, then doing meditation helps a lot and finally the best way to suppress an urge. from PMO it’s a cold shower.
Hope that you will get the highest streak like better than your imagination .