Can abstinence cure premature ejaculation?

That’s my question. If a 90 days program can help in the sexual performance.

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:innocent: In my personal life i had just lived a celibate life for 14 days and i did sex after that for continuosly
8 days and night having each continous session of approximately 4 Hours without ejaculation.
:couplekiss_man_woman: Some describe it as a Tantra sex on youtube but i can say whatever it is. a Man can have sex a whole day if he is physicaly fit.
:scorpion: Caution : Having sex like this which i described above is not advisable. It breaks havoc on your genitals.

  • I had to see a doctor :pill: after 8 days because my penis had gone sore due to too much friction.
    :banana: 1-2 hour sex is normal but it also should not be done daily.
  • I personaly recommend sex once or twice a month because it is very addictive like masturbation.