Calcium need after relapse

I just thought of an interesting question.

Since we lose vital nutrients like calcium through orgasm, is it normal to crave foods with those nutrients?

Here is an example:

I relapsed 4 hours ago.

I skipped breakfast and had

A grilled cheese for lunch, am 8 oz glass of milk, and just now a cup of pudding.

Thats a lot of calcium in one meal. Tell me what you think.


Yeah that might be the case.
Not just calcium you loose nutrients so it’s natural your body craves nutritional food afterwards.


I doubt it.

I just did a little research and found that one relapse would cost you about 40 g of calcium.
That one glass of milk had about 300 g.

Specifically for calcium, that lost amount is replenished so quickly I don’t think it would make sense for your body to crave it more than normal.

I also found a really interesting article about food cravings vs nutrient deficiency:

BUT- I think you are on to something.
I’ve found that after I relapse I tend to eat a ton. I’ve always figured it was that losing willpower in one aspect meant losing more willpower in others.

It’s an interesting idea either way.


Here’s a list of nutrients you give up each time though it is not a large amount, I guess it’s what it contains.
I agree with the willpower concept. I would furthermore say that when you expend energy in general doing something that your higher mind and soul know that you don’t want to do (for instance being involved in no fap means that you want to NOT FAP) then you are sacrificing your behavior and intention and giving attention to something that breaks your ability to believe in and be true to yourself. It’s an exhausting reality and dilemma to face. So we get depressed and hungry!


Thanks for your detailed answer. It is very useful for this community.

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