By the skin of the Teeth

Today at morning walk outside, i saw a women in front of me and i breaked my 3rd Rule which was The Glance Method. I looked at her ass thrice. The lust defeated me that time.

In evening i was alone & stressed and without any reason i was on youtube scrooling down & down… i dont know what my subconscious was searching for… then i clicked on the :fire: fire button of youtube which is for trending videos and there comes some hot video suggestions… suddenly realised my folly that my mind was tricking me so that it can gets its dopamine. I closed the app.
I did a heavy workout with shiva god songs and i danced to get the control back. This battle is getting dangerous.

Todays Lesson : Never be overproud… it takes only a video to get you crushed back to ZERO Lucky for me that i am still alive and taking my streak further to Day 18.
Thus, saved myself from the skin of the teeth from pleasure bitch.

May God be with you.


Nice lesson and nice image, perfectly represents what pmo means.

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Hey man, horomones get in the way and all guys are guilty of looking at a woman in the matter you did. Don’t beat yourself up. You’re doing great!

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